new and improved

no pile of dirt stands a chance against:
created by P&J inc.
(creating amazing vacuums since 2004)

after almost 9 months of development and testing,
this AMAZING vacuum machine ready for use!
check out it's list of features:
  • one of a kind
  • %100 man made
  • operates at a variety of speeds.
  • no batteries needed: runs on milk and edible organic matter.
  • includes a sophisticated navigation system that instinctively locates any small items or large piles of debris that may be on the floor.
  • cleans up easily with mild soap and water.
  • it's features upgrade naturally.
  • made in america.
  • can also serve as a mop! (additional accessories not included.)
(illustration for demonstration purposes only!)

and if well cared for, in a couple years it may become....
a highly specialized "sock mopper!"

*additional maintenance may be required.
*manual NOT included.
*WARNING: 24 hour supervision required to prevent items that are improperly sized from getting lodged in the passage way!
*Sorry....no refunds allowed.



Janelle said...

Very cute Julie! I love the way you write! Cracks me up!

Chels said...

My kids would use their MOUTH! I swear any piece of lint they would find and EAT!!!

Jill said...

You are so fun!

And yeah! What's with the no manuel thing? So unfair.

Anonymous said...

I hate missing out on all that fun. We have been way toooo busy!! I need a break. I don't feel retired, no, I'm not!!! I miss you!! Love, MOM

Angie Larkin said...

Ha! Hilarious! I love the shaggy mop outfit! I'm still giggling. BUT you forgot to mention the fine print...emptying the vacuum bag is no fun and quite stinky.

Anonymous said...

Always making me laugh Julie.

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

You're so funny Julie! Way to get your kids doing chores early!

Mel said...


You are simply hilarious. Super cute post - he will love it when he is older!

Stacie said...

He can come clean my floors any day!

Telavian said...

Those kids should do something productive for a change with all the time and effort spent on them.

I say put them to work or no dinner!

Melissa said...

That is TOO FUNNY!! I need sock mops. Those are just awesome :)