I've been thinking...yes, hard to believe, I know!

I've been thinking about blogging way too much...Probably because ............I've been in Blogland way too much (which is the result of 2 things: I give myself more excuses to be lazy when I'm pregnick and I have a laptop and can carry the silly thing where ever the kids are.) Anyways, I wonder: Why on earth am I (and many others like me) so into this whole blog thing to begin with??? Why blog?

Why I blog:A few reasons in no certain order:
  • I like having something to think about.
  • I get ideas... about household stuff, cooking, creative stuff and church jobs.
  • I PLAN on getting all these words and pictures printed in book form so I can justify this blogging addiction as keeping up on my personal/family history!
  • I journal about things I wouldn't have journaled about in any other form.
  • I love to read about and relate with other moms who deal with a lot of the same things I do.
  • I love to be inspired...and yes, i read many things on blogs that inspire me!
  • I like to share fun things that are going on with me. Being a mom is fun.
  • I like meeting new friends.
  • I'm not a great story teller in person, but I can write it out just fine. If people actually want to hear the story then they have the option...in a face to face conversation I just want to get the the point so I don't bore the listener. Here, If you don't want to read it, you skip it. Right?
  • I was terribly out of touch with people far away before I blogged. Sorry grandma!
  • I don't have enough time to e-mail everyone individually.I love being able to tell it all once then comment here and there to clarify and personalize.
  • I like to be motivated by other awesome women that I would never have been able to "get to know" if I wasn't a blogger. Believe it or not, when I get done blogging, I'm more productive, maybe because I have the feeling that, if they all can do it, I can do it too!
  • Blogging lets me know that I am not alone in my seemingly small realm!
  • If I don't write something for a while I get little reminders from friends like this one: "Hello?! I know you have some Christmas pictures of your kids!!!" A friendly reminder that someone out there cares.:)
  • High on the list: I'd rather blog than doing dishes, laundry or mop the floor for the 100th time! Sorry my dear husband Patrick :@)
  • My top love language is WORDS of Affirmation...I like to hear your comments.
  • Sad to say it, but reading other's blogs challenges the large unused portion of my brain (which happens to be shrinking) that isn't classified under the category of Family Life, Marriage or Children. Basically, It helps me to constantly think and use my brain. I was reading a new favorite blog of mine which belongs to my friend's dad http://earlvickie.blogspot.com/and saw the following picture with the following explanation:
It took me a minute, but it's hilarious.
They just spent hours putting in those posts................
I thought and thought till I couldn't think anymore and then gave up. 10 minutes later I looked at it again after thinking all the while and I GOT IT! Now, that is pathetic. I'm going to have to start doing more crossword and jigsaw puzzles or something. Maybe I should just spend more time reading witty or thought provoking blogs!

Why do you blog??? Avoiding something? Are your kids playing in the toilet like mine probably are?? J\K-Anna is napping and Justin is at preschool. So why am I using precious free time...I just like to blog I guess.


Melissa said...

It took me a minute to figure out the picture too... gonna be kinda tough when it's time to go home, eh? :)
Why do I blog? Because I can...
And it's a social outlet for me. Being a mom to three kids seems to limit the time I get to spend having conversations with other adults. Blogging isn't really a conversation, but it is a social outlet for me. And yeah... it helps me in my general pursuit of laziness... :)

Amber Waite said...

It's nice meeting you. I was going to let you know how to do the picture thing but it looks like you figured it out already. Good Job!

I love blogging too. For me, it's my way of putting my thoughts down in words. It's also my journal, my social outlet and like you said it's a way to keep friends and family members informed. I think it's great. And I am really not a very creative person. Anyway, I love your blog, your kids are adorable.

Mansius Family said...

Exactly! I could not have said it any better. I probably spend way to much time but like you said I'm more productive after I read other people's blogs (like yours) so I guess it all works out in the end. Also you are the second person today that mentioned they are going to turn their blogs into books. I don't think I thought of that before. Are you going to do it yourself or do you know of a company that does it? I love reading your blog so keep posting.

The Dover Family said...

I agree with Amber's statements 100% in response to your blog.

Mansius Family said...

Hehehe I just noticed my sister commented on your blog. I saw the name and then had to double check to make sure I was posting my comment on the right blog.