New life.

I admit it. 

I'm obsessed with eggs...
especially ones that come in all colors and sizes.


we have lots of chickens. 
 Around 90.
I think.
 We get around 30 eggs a day...and it's going to pick up soon since spring is here!


When I saw these beauties at the feed store and the kids fell in love, and I decided it was time to add ducks!

They make yummy eggs too!  


I didn't buy them just then,
but I went back the next day so the kids wouldn't know.

 I surprised them on Easter...
They were THRILLED! 

They are all that was in our Easter basket this year and it couldn't have been more perfect. 

I just love the symbolism of new life in the relation to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

These babies are so beautiful!
They are even more adorable than chicks!  


Which I also find irresistible.
More eggs will be here in just a few short months! :)


MOM said...

Those ARE BEAUTIFUL eggs!!!!!
And such CUTE ducklings and chicks!!!
The only things cuter are the KIDS!!!!!
I LOVE your blogs!!!
Love, MOM

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

They are so cute! you are a great mom!! And brave too! :)

Michelle said...

Such cute little ducklings and chicks. You are my inspiration for getting chickens some day. It's such a great experience for the kids.

Catherine Noorda said...

julie this is so amazing! what a cool experience for your family. i also really enjoyed your post about the bike riding birthday bash. what a great idea.