White and Wild New Year

 What's almost as good as a white Christmas?
A white New Year!
All day on New Years Eve we watched the snow fall from the picture window of Patrick's mom's hospital room. It was quite the tender mercy to behold as we sat there during her recovery from urgent gallbladder surgery. We get snow only a few times a year here and this was the first snow of the year so it was a special treat!
It was magical even.
The snowflakes where light and fluffy, clumped together in large bunches.
We got home after dark that night, but the kids were incredibly excited.
That evening, we had a "wild night." After all, 4 kids up past midnight is anything but tame! They all even made it to midnight! They wouldn't dare miss getting their share of the best rootbeer know to man {Virgil's}, a rousing game of Memory Matching, crackers and cheese, some coconut milk ice cream and the traditional beating on pots and pans.
New Year's Morning when we finally got out of bed after a late night, we got to be hold the beauty.
 I really enjoyed walking the property with a fresh blanket of beautiful white snow.
Thankfully abnormal below freezing temps even allowed it to stay on the ground for 3 days! 
 The snow is gone now, and Grandma is home.
 And all it green again.


Eve | Inchworm Chronicles said...

Looks beautiful all coated in white! Hope your Mom-in-law is feeling better. It was fun seeing your fam for that quick second on Sunday.

I got your phone message from a long time ago. Sorry about not returning it. I know the kids would like to play sometime again. We are up for it, just have to make it happen, you know how it is.

Hope your start to 2013 is great!

MOM said...

It does look beautiful!!!
Thank you for sharing the joy!!
It's great to get a blog from you!!!
I'm glad Patrick's mom is better!!!
All is well, all is well...
Love, MOM

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

Your land is gorgeous!!!

Melissa said...

I miss snow for about 1 day every year. Then I'm good :)

Glad to hear that Grandma is home and okay