THEIR tree.

A couple of weeks ago, Shaunna, a friend of mine posted pictures of their Christmas tree.

Lots of people are doing so these days, but this one was different than most I see.
It was unlike my usual Christmas Tree even.

Her tree was decorated by her children!
And I am pretty sure it was ONLY her children.

After I got over the initial shock of that wonderful yet awry tree, I was so impressed. 

Soon, it came time for us to put up our Christmas tree!

We live in a part of the world with a Christmas tree farms every couple of miles, but they close at dusk when daddy is still at work so we ended up at the hardware store for a Christmas tree this year! Not so romantic, but it's a tree and the kids were happy.

Next, it was time for decorating it.

I had thought about their tree several times, but it wasn't until the night we decorated ours that I decided. 

This year, the Morris family tree would be decorated by the children by golly!

Oh sure, my kids usually "help" me decorate the tree, but you see, I'm usually the tree master.

When we opened up the boxes of ornaments this year, I helped get them out, but I did not direct, order or re-position a single ornament.

Believe me, it was hard to restrain myself as the ornaments  starting to gather together in clusters(of the same kind even!!!), some barely hanging on, while others met the floor! 

 I stood my ground, sat back and watched as they worked their magic.

And it was magical by the way. 

I found so much pleasure watching as my bunch of happy children {sans the tree boss} were enjoying the decorating. 

They truly enjoyed themselves. 
I just love the look on Justin's face as he sat and admired his work while the others finished up. 

And when their work was done, not only was I content,
they were too. 

Luckily those feelings lingered because t
he next morning when I heard the crash and I saw it prostrate on the ground thanks to certain little fella (whom I'm pretty sure didn't mean to knock it all the way down,) I picked up the tree, and they chipped in and decorated it, again.

I've finally learned. 
Christmas is for the children, after all.


Shaunna said...

So glad I'm not the only one with OCD tendencies to overcome regarding Christmas trees and mixing play -doh colors. And glad your experience turned out as well as mine. Christmas is for them, after all, and nothing says mama loves them as much as letting them decorate the tree themselves!

Becky Norris said...

Love that you were able to sit back and enjoy an imperfect tree. I'm sure the kiddos had a great time :)

Miss you guys

Anonymous said...

Oh my, this made me all misty. One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the decorations.. . .I am sure it was hard for you good job, momma. Love, Amanda

Anonymous said...
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kristi r said...

so fun! and I love it! It' looks great!!

MOM said...

You're so cool Julie... It would have been interesting if I'd been born your child instead of visa versa... I'd have been a lot different parent. You're so patient!!!! What a great mom you are!!! I'm proud of my sweet Julie!!! Love, MOM

Andrea Gehmlich said...

One of these years I will give in to this concept, but not quite yet. I did restrain myself a little this year and everything on our tree is not symmetrically spaced. The kids did have fun decorating though and daddy helped out this year for the first time in our marriage. A true Christmas miracle. When we have enough space for two Christmas trees, then the kids can have THEIR tree. :) Merry Christmas Julie!

Darrell and Alissa said...

love it- and I'm pretty impressed with their skills! I too stayed back and let the kids decorate ours, Darrell did the lights, and I just gave them the ornaments. It was a little tricky to get to the top but that's why we have an 11 and 12 year old!:) Tree falling over- hilarious, and poor poor child who is remaining nameless:)

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