anna is 6!

 And we had a fun time celebrating!

It must have been her lucky day, because we even blew up some baloons and I bought real presents.

Anna picked our neighbor friends to invite for her 1 friend party after much deliberation.

As I went to put out the cake I rushed to find the candles. The only ones in the box...trick candles.
I'd say she was a pretty good sport about it!
Happy Birthday Anna!


MOM said...

It looks like Anna had a fun time!!!! Those candles are great except when you want to actually eat the cake afterwards... ha, ha.... I'd still eat it.
We tried twice to call with no answer and your phone doesn't allow for messages.
It was nice visiting on the phone Sunday. I love my sweet Julie!!!! Love, MOM

Becky Norris said...

It was nice to see you guys, even if the circumstances were not the best. Thank you so much for taking care of the girls for me. We're glad that Troy is home now and they didn't find anything terribly wrong with him.

i said...

Thanks mom! Anna loved her card. You do so good at that! Thanks for the call too. ;)
Anytime Becky!!!!!