The theme this week: 
Cucumber Photos by Anna

 Fresh cucumbers and  beans from our gardening efforts. 

 Yes, it's hard to believe, but we got MORE fresh picked blueberries!
We can't get enough of them!

 AND finally after some molting, the girls are laying again! 

 I didn't grow any of these but I got some fresh from a locals market. 

The gigantic cucumber is from a garage sale of all places?!? 
I went looking for cheap kids clothes and walked away with this for a buck. 
I just love a good, fresh deal! 

This little baby squirrel walked right up to Patrick who was working in the yard. 
We thought he might have needed help, but apparently baby squirrels don't fear humans yet so he just came over to say hi! .
We set him free and hope he found his mommy, but he was soooo cute to observe. 

He's not exactly fresh but he is adorable, isn't he?!?
To top it all off, my crazy kids did some crazy fresh dressing up around here! 

Fresh is wonderful.

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MOM said...

That looks delicious, especially the blueberries and those things you make out of the zucchini.
I thought maybe the kids were getting ready for Halloween early.
The baby squirrel is so cute. The kids sure get a lot of interesting experiences living on a mini-farm.
I'm proud of my sweet Julie!!!!
How's your back????
Love, MOM