This week Dallin turned four.
Foah as he says. 

For a while I was trying to decide how we would do birthdays around here.
I wondered if I should just do friend birthdays on the odd years OR for special birthdays OR....
 Problem is: when Justin, the firstborn turned four, things were a bit different. 
It is safe to say that I have gone overboard in the past.
I am now a party pooper suffering from birthday burnout!

As a result, this year I decided I don't have to make a life plan for birthdays! Instead, I am deciding each year what I am up for! 

What I was up for this year was inviting 1 friend to join in on the festivities. 

Dallin chose Ira whom we invited to the "farm party."

Believe me, that party word is used very, um, loosely. 

To fulfill his idea of having a farm party, we ate food that came from farms AND put a few little farm animals on the table and vioala! 
A farm party it was!

Oh sure, it would have been nice for me to make some actual effort like I intended, but what pleases me the most is that no matter how little I did or didn't do, Dallin couldn't have been happier!

 As a tradition, the birthday kid gets to pick the meal for that night.
His pick?
Rainbow salad! 
I love that salad AND I love that my 4 year old loves it too! Yum!

I really did intend on doing some birthday shopping, but life got in the way and all the poor kid ended up with was a gift from Ira and 4 toys from the dollar store....and he loved it all!

I'm so happy that Dallin is growing into such a wonderful young man.
His smile and charm melt my heart and help me forget about all of the mischief he's into lately!

Happy Birthday Dallin!
And, no, you are not imagining things...that IS butter on his banana cake. I REALLY DID INTEND ON MAKING ACTUAL FROSTING!
I promise!
 So there you have it. A perfectly wonderful party from a slacker mommy! 


Andrea said...

Sometimes we put unneeded expectations on ourselves and forget that all our kids really need is a LITTLE extra attention and love to make them feel special. I love going big for parties, but our kids have way lower expectations and we should remember that. It makes things a lot easier. I'm glad he loved it and I'm glad you were able to do what you could.

MOM said...

Dallin mainly appreciated being in the "spotlight" for the day. If you feel up to it when my late gift $ arrives take him back to the store and let him choose what he wants. In Stake Conference a quote I wrote down was, "All frustration is based on expectation." It's good that you are cool and happy and easily satisfied, so you and your little ones aren't as frustrated as some people are.
I love my Sweet Julie!!!!!! "Don't worry, be happy!" Love, MOM