June was a CRAZY month and I've got pictures to prove it!

Our  Aunties Megan and Amber and cousin Ivy came to visit! They liked it so much that they are moving here along with Patrick's mom and sister Becca and her family ! I can't believe it!!! We are all so excited to have family closer!
 We went on a backyard "hike."
 The kids got to go to the lake.
 AND Anna and Justin got to go on a day trip to the beach with them while I packed! 

Justin's love of scouts continues. He is sooooo happy! Can you tell?!?

Lots of these were filled....and some emptied.

We ate LOTS of fresh strawberries! We happened to get to pick these while we were shopping at a garage sale! What a nice lady she was. They were YUMMY!!!!!
 We spent our first night in our "NEW" old house!

Did I mention there is a LOT of birch paneling!??!?!  It has taken some getting used to, but the retro motif is growing on me so it may last longer than we originally planned!  Plus, remodeling with 4 young kids is a daunting task.

We have been to Home Depot over a dozen times.

Patrick built in a wood shed to create a chicken coop because........

 We adopted 23 more chickens, including a rooster!!!! I'm pretty sure that my impulse decision was the one that officially turned me into a 

But not Patrick. 

No way.
He refuses to be  called that, but it is tooo late! 
Every time I see him choppin' wood, rounding up chickens or carrying a pail of feed I call him farmer Patrick.
It's so cute on him.

Now, Justin on the other hand is my official farm hand, and proud of it.
It's beautiful! 

The first night we moved the chickens, we were able to get all of them cooped up, except this CRAZY white one! When I woke up, I looked and looked to no avail. Then, I spotted her in my VAN!?!? 

She left me two surprises.
One good, and one bad.
I'll let you figure out what those were. ;) 

On June 20th, my mom came and stayed for a week!!!

She did the work of 100. 

She is the most hard working woman I have ever met.

When she left, I had to "rest' for 2 days straight! With her influence, anything is possible. 

 Meanwhile, we moved the rest of our stuff. 
And my mom packed up loose ends andcleaned out that whole house while I just stood in awe....and tried to help too of course.

Anna picked a "special" outfit for the occasion.
The kids were a huge help!
 The highlight of moving day for Dallin: watching to Lowes guys deliver the fridge! He even pulled up a chair for a viewing party!

 Another wonderful part of the month: we installed a swing where Devon takes his nap almost every day.

On the last day of my mom's visit, we managed to pull her away from her productivity for a picnic by the river.

 Then, just because life isn't crazy enough, we decided to get some LAWNMOWERS 
When I asked the man we bought them from if I should bring a large box to transport them in, he said that he brough them home in his SUV. I figured my van would do the trick!
I chuckled the entire way home. 
The kids have been giddy for days.

 And now we are REALLY farmers. 

I am pretty sure that we are at least because my hands have the calluses to prove it.

And my joy overfloweth. 
{Even if overfloweth is not a word according to this spellchecker.}


Lacey said...

That is a lot of chickens and fun that you have two goats. Good luck with your farm!

Eve said...

Joy, Perfect description. Looks wonderful! How nice that your Mom came and worked so hard. What a blessing!

MOM said...

What a special post..... Thanks my sweet Julie!!!! Goats, yes, that was on your list since the beginning, so I hope they're what you need for all that lawn. I enjoyed working with you.... it was a labor of love... I love you and your family and I love to work... there's a joy in a since of accomplishment. Hug everyone for me. Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

HI SISTA! I laughed so hard the whole way through.....boy that's a lot of chickens Farmer Julie! And goats in the car! And Anna's "special" outfit lol. I am so jealous. I want to move too. Kyle says he thinks Eugene would be a good place for us for grad school..then Portland. I really love raw goat milk. MISS you guys....get a phone so I can call you!!!


Michelle said...

To say that I enjoyed this post would be an understatement! My jealousy overfloweth...every time I look at all the beautiful pictures of where you live, I am filled with happiness for you and longing for me! I am so thrilled that you are finally able to have your chickens and goats and be surrounded by such beauty! And how amazing is your mom!? I am so thankful she was able to come and help you so much. Your whole family beams happiness! My kids loved the pictures, too...especially Sophie, who asked in every picture for me to show her Anna. :)

kristi r said...

Julie I love you! and I miss you! we were in vegas this last week, and I wished you were there so I could see you!

i said...

I love you and wish I could see you too Kristi and everyone else to for that matter!

Michelle said...

Goats in the mini van... I
love it! I can't wait to see how many eggs you will get from 23 chickens because really, I have no clue. How fun.