blue redemeption

When things are 
it's usually not a good thing, 
but not today!

A lot of good things in my life just happen to be blue.

 These blue hydreangeas I discovered why cleaning the rental house made my day...and my week for that matter. 
They are look so beautiful!

Smokey, our lone blue orphington makes me happy.
I just love her huge black eyes and super plump figure.

LOTS of Blueberries fill my mouth and tummy with joy! 
Picking with friends makes it even yummier!

 Consequently, we had blueberry coconut muffins. 

A great price on grass fed liver from BlueValley meets is awesome, If only I could convince my tastebuds to enjoy it!

Left ear on BLUE!
Justin convinced Anna and our cute neighbor friend to follow his new rules.

Blue skies on our day trip (and almost every day this month too) to Mt. St. Helens made for a gorgeous and  amazing trip.

Blue is good. 


Melissa said...

Great post! Especially in love with the hydrangeas!! :)

Michelle said...

So beautiful...all of it! I LOVE hydrangeas too! And blueberries. Looks like you guys are having so much fun. :)

MOM said...

I'm so glad your blog has "bluemed" again!!!!! I really missed it... It's been a "bluemin" long time!!!! Ha Ha, well at least I think I'm funny. Yes, the flowers are beautiful, but I REALLY think that's a beautiful family on that last photo. It was fun to visit on Skype last night.
I love how you are always so positive and happy and rarely blue!!! I love my Sweet Julie!!!! Love, MOM

Angie Larkin said...

Oh I just love hydrangeas.

Eve said...

Mount St. Helens looks fantastic. We'll be there in a matter of weeks and look forward to bumping into you guys.