Day 7. Drink

I have one drink I love. It is kombucha.

I picked up my first bottle last summer while in Sacramento at Target of all places.

It was strange at first, but it made me feel wonderful.

 It is especially helpful for a healthy gut.

 Patrick has been making it for our family since September.

This is our original "mother." She's not all that cute, huh!? 

 THESE are her "babies."

It's quite the production when you make as much as we do!

Well, It's fermented tea.

 All you need is Sugar, Tea (we use Herbal Yerba Mate') and a scobie.
 Oh, and time, jars and a warm place.

We use the water heater closet.

In case you were wondering, the kids LOVE it. 

If you ever wan't to try an make your own, we've got scobies to share!

I'll mail it to you. ;) 

Scobies Anyone???


MOM said...

Interesting... but it's all new to me. I guess I'll try it when I get there. Thanks. Love, MOM

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

You have my attention. I agree with your mom, interesting. I'm intersested in things that help the gut and colon. How's this for the colon?

Andrea said...

That looks disgusting. I am not digging the chunks and stringy things. But I'm glad you guys like it so much. Congrats on the house!! Looks like you have a ton of space in your yard!

Michelle said...

I remember back in high school hearing about it... then Jason went through a phase when we were first married where he drank it all the time because it made him feel so great. I didn't realize you were still making it and drinking it!
If it's good for the gut, I'm in! I want to start making it for the family. Plus, my stomach has had ISSUES since becoming pregnant this time!

Anonymous said...

Send me some scoobies please.. :) I order a starter from cultures from health when I ordered my kefier grains but it has black tea...I didn't realize :(