I wish. 
Right about now I am missing my good camera which died of UNnatural causes a while back. 

The close-up option is out of the question, but we still found something pretty cool! 

A robin is building her next very 
to our window where we can watch in awe.

It's pretty amazing.

Here she is:
If you can tell from the ghetto picture.

Her favorite building material: moss. 
{We've got lots of that around here thank goodness.}
 She has been keeping her eye on us, but rarely stops building her nest! 

At the same time, I am trying to tear apart mine so we can move!

Wish us luck!
Believe me, I need it.

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MOM said...

That makes me think of the song..."whenever I hear the song of a bird".... I know Heavenly Father loves us to make such a beautiful world for us to live in!!!! Thank you for always being so positive. I love my sweet Julie!! Love, MOM