young man

We had a growing experience recently.

It was a hard thing to loose the beloved Little Red Hen to an unidentified predator, 
but Justin's maturity impressed me greatly.

He took care of all the arrangements.
 I just watched in awe and admiration of the nice young man Justin is becoming.

 Good bye Little Red. 
You were a good chicken....


Melissa said...

Oh - how sad!! It is amazing to see how kids grow and change and handle challenges!

MOM said...

That was touching.... One of life's greatest challenges is the loss of a loved one... even if it is a pet. I admire Justin for his kindness and maturity and your wisdom for capturing the event for us and Justin in the future.
I love my sweet Julie!!!! Thanks for your blog!!!!! Love, MOM

Michelle said...

Where have I been!? Obviously not reading your blog! I feel like I've been in a dungeon for the past two months.
I can't believe how grown up Justin is. Good for him! I'm glad he handled his loss so well.