Excitement around our house!

When I tried to add pictures for an epic blog post on Sunday, I was rejected because I have apparently used up 99.9% of my storage!
 We've been having lots of fun times I would love to share, but until I cough up the money and upgrade my storage, you just get to learn about the current excitement around here!

Several times throughout the day, every day for the past 6 or 7 days there is yet another 
in our backyard!
The girls back there start squawking something fierce, then,


we get another egg! 

It's like they can't help themselves from being so excited, 
OR they just don't have a clue what has hit them! 

It's quite comical for one of the hens to get all crazy, squawking and hollering, 
then hustle on over to the laying boxes.

The funnest part of it: My kids are incredibly astonished as well, every time they bring in another egg! 

I am too. 

I even got a sign to inform me that we had gotten 5 eggs in one day! 
Oh, the simple joys in life. 
I'm sure the excitement has to do with the fact that we've had these chickens since February and the just started laying because they didn't have enough daylight. I had all but given up on them, but they pulled through, just in the nick of time!

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 In other EXCITING news:
We have a pending offer on a house!!!

The picture is edited with a 1960's motif since it's from that era! It's still got it's original stove and birch paneling and all but it's in AMAZING condition. 
It's vintage to say the least but we wanted a home in town, with acreage, so this is what we get, and it's just right for us. 

And just so you can sleep at night without wondering, we have 2.5 acres to do as we please.

I'm so excited!
(and a bit anxious too. it's s big decision!)
First thing on my list of things to do:

Second: To build a huge porch!


It's going to be a great piece of land for the kids to run free on.
I'm going to need to install a very LOUD dinner bell! 


Angie Larkin said...

Happy happy happy.

Maynor Moments said...

such a a nice home! So happy for you guys!

Judy said...

So excited for you guys!!!! What fun new adventures!

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

How exciting. 2+ acres?! that's a lot of land, but I know you will love it!

Michelle said...

I am so excited for you!!!!!!! I want to come and visit you and hang out for hours in that amazing "yard" you're going to have. The fresh eggs are exciting, too! I'm just trying not to be jealous. :(
I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Weird, I thought I posted a comment 3rd of our comments, but it isn't here?????? That is so wonderful that your kids get to experience things some kids never will. Those eggs look nice!!! I love your blogs!!! Thanks!!!!! Love, MOM

i said...

I saw it mom! Who knows. The internet must have eaten it up. ;)
Thanks everyone!

Eve said...

That's awesome! Congrats on the house. The 60's vintage sounds so fun!

Cairen said...

Congrats on finding a home! Thats so exciting, I love that you'll kids will have so much space to run and explore!