Things at our house are sorta crazy these days as we wait for the house to close in a few days, but still, on Friday 

We just NEEDED some FUN!

Somewhere to GO! 


Staying home, though much easier just wasn't an option.

If we weren't doing a crazy diet called GAPS right now, we probably would have just looked for a new restaurant, but since I was cooking dinner and we had to eat still, we simply grabbed the bowls that were set on the table for dinner, loaded the pots into my trusty baskets and piled the food, kids and bikes into the car!

If I was brilliant I would have probably packed some chairs and a little table.

If I was thinking much at all, I would have at least packed a blanket, but alas, the car mat was the best I could come up with under the circumstances.

As we pulled out of the drive on our way to who knows where,
 we made a unanimous decision immediately. 

We wanted to eat by the water.

In practically no time at all,  we found water, right in and industrial area we had never been.

Lots of them! 

We ate,

made a mess on the dirt (instead of on my kitchen floor, HALLELUIAH,)

threw rocks into the water,

rode bikes,

enjoyed one another,

convinced one of the train engineers to blow his whistle,

and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

What a simple, extraordinary evening we had with just a teensy bit of effort.
It was so worth it.


MOM said...

You're so cool Julie.... and so easy to please. It's so easy for you to be happy!!!! I love the pictures and your blog!!!! Thanks!!!! I love my sweet Julie and am looking forward to visiting you all. Love, MOM

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

It's amazing how easily we get stuck in a rut. Being spontaneous is well worth it!

Sam said...

I love that picture of you and Patrick. I love how you just pick up and go. I am so not spontaneous. Wish I was though. It's my goal to come visit you one day. Maybe next summer. I would love to see your little piece of the world. Good luck on the house. Very exciting!

i said...

Yeah, we experience the rut. For sure!
Great plan Sam! What about this summer!?! ;)

Kaydence said...

We are doing GAPS too! Totally limits the choices for a night out!

Melissa said...

What a great idea!! I love impromptu moments like this!

Mansius Family said...

What a fun activity! I always drag my feet to get out of the house but when I do I always wonder why! Looks like so much fun! We may have to give it a try soon. I have a question about the gaps diet. When you posted about it I had never heard of it so I though I would look into it. Based on what I read its for thing like ADD, autism, and ADHD right? Joshie has a high probability of ADHD with ODD and CD and we are in the what to do stage. Don't want to do medication so I'm trying to find alternatives. But there are so many suggestions out there I don't know where to begin. So I figured that if someone I knew was working on something I would start there. Do you like the Diet? I'm glad that you should be getting into your new house soon!! We miss your family. Let us know if you will be in Utah anytime soon!!!