My little brother Nick and his wife Erina came to Las Vegas from Germany for a visit before their next Station in Spain!
Only problem with that is, we don't live in Vegas anymore!

Luckily, they were helping my dad and mum move to Idaho, so we decided to take a little road trip.

Patrick had to work, so it was just me, the kids and the road. 

 We left on Monday
  And got home on Wednesday!

 To survive the 13 hours of driving split between 2 days, I had a plan to pass the time with very few

On the way out of town we stopped by the dollar store and Trader Joe's where I gathered my ammunition!

As each hour passed, we took turns picking a special snack and a fun toy from the pile.
From cheapo army guys to pipe cleaners, they were eager for time to pass so they could pick out their next activity. 

We snacked on our favorite healthy snacks the whole way there.
Some of the goods.

It worked like a charm!

My kids know that I love sharing snacks with kids whom are pleasant to ride with in the car!

 I had to eat someone's snack only once to help refuel the energy I lost listening to that tantrum. ;) 

We also enjoyed some amazing scenery along the way!
Between the driving:

We walked Grandpa's new property crossing treacherous irrigation canals,

 laughed A LOT at our funny uncle nick,
went to the Boise Zoo
 where Devon learned that Goats really like carrots, even more than he does,
 had dinner and visited downtown Boise,
 took turns driving Grandpa's new tractor,
moved a few boxes and

 watched grandpa enjoy a favorite new sport of his (burning weeds!!!)

We had a lovely trip. Mission accomplished!


Anonymous said...

You're so smart Julie... and they're smart too....you only had to eat one of their snacks.... so they learn fast!!! Looks like you had a lot of fun with Grandpa and funny Uncle Nick and Erina (we've enjoyed them too). Glad you had a good little vacation!!! Thank you for your blog stories and pics!!! Love, MOM

Angie Larkin said...

Cool that your dad and Mum moved! Looks like a neat property! Love ya friend!

Becky Norris said...

Wow, that's quite a trip. Glad you guys were safe and had fun.

andrea said...

I love the ideas to pass the time on the road trip. We are going to Montana this summer and I'll have to remember the ideas. (Brien loves being able to burn our weeds here.)

Michelle said...

What a fun little adventure. I can't believe your dad moved to Idaho. Well, good for him! I'm sure it is a very nice change. :)