I have not been blessed with a wonderful memory, 
I do have a camera!

Pictures are my memory, and today I just want to share with you one of my favorite pictures from this week. 

I can not express in words the joy that I felt at the time I took this, but I wanted to write down some of my thoughts so I would remember, and I figured I would share with you.
I haven't the time for a fancy blog post, so this will have to do. 

I took this picture because at that time, I was overcome by joy and totally in love with my life.

Last Monday, the weather here was amazing, so we all went outside and left the sink of dishes to stink for a little longer.

The kids each brought what they wanted to learn about outside.

The air was crisp and smelled like spring.
There were new things growing all around from wild flowers to buds on trees.
The sky was blue with fluffy white clouds racing above us.
There were birds chirping, wind gently blowing and the sound of lawn mowers in the distance.

(I know, I know, it is funny that I mention lawnmowers in a paragraph describing my moment of bliss, but a hearing a lawnmower in the distance is a sign that there is no rain and that the day is beautiful.)

Believe me, the day was beautiful.

On top of all the beauty, my children were absorbed in what they had chosen to work on and were basking in the light as well.

Oh what joy it brings me witness their absolute love of learning!   

Justin can't stop reading.
Anna is constantly trying to write and copy letters.
Dallin wants to do whatever Justin and Anna are doing.

 I am so thankful that I took the time to grab a camera and capture the rare moment of perfection.

Then, just as I had adjusted the camera for the light, Devon walked outside, obviously NOT ready to have woken up from his nap!

I put down the camera, picked up the book I am reading (And Then There Were Five) to my kids and sat down to nurse Devon.

And all was perfect again.

I read out-loud for well over an hour.

Justin sat and listened intently, eagerly waiting for every word.
Anna listened for a few minutes then went off to play.
Dallin just ran around.
Devon ended up roaming and eating daffodil heads and rocks.

What a lucky woman I am.


Maynor Moments said...

My favorite read of the day! Life is wonderful mostly those small moments of perfection where life can't get any better!

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

Those moments are hard to pass up! I think it is in those instances we see and feel the pure joy of motherhood and womanhood.

Janelle said...

LOVE the picture, everything from the lighting to the engrossed children. Perfection indeed! :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!!! Truly happy people are those that can find joy in the ordinary simple things of life, for that is what life is made of. It brought a tear to my eye, of joy in your joy, happiness in your happiness, proud of my little girl and her precious little ones. That's great to read to them so much and Justin reading all the time. Thank you for sharing. Keep smiling and keep blogging. I love my sweet Julie!!!!! Love, MOM

Eve said...

Sounds pretty darn perfect to me! I love those kinds of days. What a blessing, indeed.