Dallin wore this outfit 
 on Thursday.
Anna loves him, just the same! So do I. :)

He's three, 
you see, 
and he thinks it is perfectly wonderful 
to wear rain boots,
on the wrong feet,
with swim shorts 
and to wear your sweater backwards
AND inside out. 
 I wish that I could say that we didn't leave the house, but if I did, that would be a lie! 
I didn't even notice what he had chosen to wear until we were already getting out of the car at the store!

And it made some old people there happy.

I am pretty sure I am NOT going to win the mother of the year award and I'm not doing everything right like I wish I was,

I did make some pretty dang good frittata this morning for breakfast!!!!

Eggs + butter + bell peppers + kale + onion + dried tomato + sheep feta + heat=  
world peace.



Angie Larkin said...

I am so glad you decided to amp up your blogging frequency! I adore every post.

I love Justin in his scout uniform (and all that it implies).

I love to hear about your learning kids.

I am scared of beet juice and sheep cheese.

I love the green plants peeking through your window and your homemade decor for Patrick's bday!

I can't believe our babies are 8! Remember being pregnant and going to lamanze class and eating ice cream?

Just love ya friend!

MOM said...

So sweet!!!! Dallin looks cute no matter what he's wearing. I'll need to try some of that eggy, buttery peace-making stuff. I too love the frequency of your blogs, because I love seeing and hearing about my grandkids and YOU!!! Thank you!!!! I love my sweet Julie!!! Love, MOM

Andrea said...

Happens to us too and I only have two. Fritatta looks awesome!

JessieCottam said...

He's a cutie!