Good Stuff This Week

Daddy had a birthday and agreed to wear the silly hat we made him.
The kids and I had such a fun time setting up his party and spoiling him!
Anna's gift: dressing up for dad.

We made our first batch of Beet Kvass with salt, water, whey and beets (of course.)
I'm pretty sure we'll have to acquire a taste for it, but know it is dang good for us.

 Devon has a new found love of self feeding alternating hands.
He takes his eating seriously! 

It snowed on the first day of spring! We saw this out the window the next morning.
It was 35 degrees one day then 65 the next. How fun!

I am still in denial, but my baby turned 8 on Friday and has decided to be baptised by his father on April 21. 

We are so happy for him.
(Can you tell that he is just a teensy bit excited to start scouts this next week!?!?)

For his birthday justin picked his friend Zoey to join us for some serious jumping.

 Thanks to a certain 1 year old whom learned to open cabinets, the floor will never be the same. I have to remind myself, that discovery and mess making is good clean fun for him. Phew.

 On a prettier note, I have been picking flowers from the yard for the table.
 It makes me happy.

 Life is good.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and all the pics!!!!! Patrick is a good sport!! I think I'll drink my beets in a smoothie. The snow looks beautiful!! Justin looks so cute in his new cub scout uniform!!! Those flowers make your table and home look more homy. I guess the entire floor of that place is bouncy?? It sure looks like everyone is having fun. Yes, it is obvious that your LIFE IS GOOD!!!! We feel the same way. I love my sweet Julie!!!! Love, MOM

Maynor Moments said...

Love the hat!! I love seeing pictures of your beautiful home!

Catherine Noorda said...

it's so cool that you now live where there is snow. how fun for your kids! my kids love visiting my parents in slc and romping around in it. happy bday to your hubby and you all look great! wish you still lived here! :)

Sam said...

I love the flowers. I can't believe that our kids turned 8 this year too. Hope Justin loves scouts and you survive Devon getting into all your cupboards. Miss you and your family!

Becky Norris said...

Thanks again for taking Zoie. She had so much fun.:) Hope you get to have clean floors again soon.