Justin has always been an animal lover.

Even back when he was two and we had a few Reds, his favorite thing to do was chase them around the back yard.

Nothing has changed.

Justin {2}

When we got our most recent set of chickens, he picked out the Red he is holding in the picture below and has been in love with her since. The only problem came when one day we saw "her" joining in on the fights the bigger roosters were starting to have, even at a much younger age.

The thought of his "Little Red Hen" actually turning into a "Big Red Rooster" has been looming in our minds. Then, this last week while Justin was completing his morning task of checking to see that the chickens were fed and watered, he noticed Little Red in a nesting box. With sweet relief in his voice and a huge smile on his face he handed me her first warm egg. 

Contentment reigns...and fresh chicken eggs are delicious.

Justin {7.9}

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Angie said...

That's so precious!! The Little Red Hen has always been one of my favorite stories. Justin has really grown since we saw each other last. As usual I love your blog!!! I love my sweet Julie!!! Keep up the great work you are doing with your sweet little ones, a labor of love. Hug them for me. Love, MOM