ode to patrick

 The other day I was at the chiropractor whom happens to be the Elder's Quorum President in our ward.
Towards the end of my adjustment, he mentioned to me how thankful he was to have Patrick as a teacher and that he is thankful that he is so well grounded and that he can tell that he is rock solid and has a strong testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Interview ready.

As he spoke, I shook my head in agreement.

I am so thankful that he is so good at teaching our children the Gospel

He is a rock solid man.
{We were out and about one Saturday and he wanted to go play by the river while I stayed in the warm car and nursed Devon.}

I knew that already, of course, but it is always nice to be reminded of that fact, because frankly, there are times when things aren't always picture perfect and I can forget how thankful I am to have him!

I am soooooo thankful. 

 Tonight as I looked through my pictures of Patrick, I found so many that  I love on so many levels, so I thought I would share them.
I realized that many of the pictures seen of him here on this blog show the stoic side of him and at times the

quirky side.
(there are still plenty by the way.)

I wanted to share the other sides too!



So adorable too.

 Just one of their many wrestling matches.

 Just home from work, he concocted a hair-brained idea. The kids loved it. 
I just enjoyed the show...
and crossed my fingers that he had picked a strong rope.

{bike rides galore}

{stories every night}
{silly man....wonderful provider}

{he was working in the same room as all of these rascals. his focus amazes me}

These are from the day we moved into the place we live now. 
He's a crazy adventurous sort, but all I know is that I love him, 

even on the days that his feet are not necessarily firmly planted on the ground!!! 

Can you believe that we have never made a visit to the emergency room?

Neither can I!!!

Just last week and out of the blue Anna announced to me, 

"You picked a good dad!"

I know Anna, I know.


andrea said...

What a perfect tribute a few days before Valentine's.

Michelle said...

I love this post... I love the picture of Patrick reading to the kids, and of him with Anna in the water, and the one where he is in some kind of indoor tent thing. And, I think it is precious that Anna told you that you picked a good daddy! I miss you guys!!

Michelle said...

Okay, so I just realized that the tent "thing" was actually your trampoline! Still, great picture... and I am very curious about the contraption he made for the kids to hang from in the doorway. :)

Gayle/Mom said...

Wow. I love it all... and I miss you terribly. Thank you for sharing the Ode to Patrick - I wouldn't have wanted to miss it for anything. Let's Skype this weekend!

MOM said...

I'll add my AMEN to that!!!! Patrick is a wonderful man and you two make a great team!!! Isn't it nice how that works! I'm glad you're enjoying the Zoo Books... I'm glad I saved them. You kids enjoyed them and so did I.
As usual I love looking at your blogs!!! Thank you for the time you spend, it's worth it. I love My Sweet Julie and Patrick and the sweet kiddies!!! Love, MOM

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

very sweet! Dads are life savers to us moms!!

Henderson Theobalds said...

All I can say is WOW! And I thought he was awesome just for the homemade rain off the patio cover. Apparently, that was just the tip of the awesomeness iceburg baby!