I am not sure how it got there, but one of the things on my kids list of things that should happen since they moved to a forested city was that it should snow. 

Earlier that week, we checked the forecast and sure enough, there was 4 days of foretasted snow! 
It took a while for the weather to catch on with the memo, but it eventually snowed enough to stick and the kids were able to wake up on Jan. 18th to a blanket of white, fluffy slushy snow! 

Patrick had an added challenge riding to work on muddy snow dusted paths.

 The kids all got dressed in their snowsuits, even Devon.

It was not all that cold so it only lasted a day, but it was surely enough to bring heaps of joy to my kids!!!

It was wet, especially when it started sprinkling, but there was surely enough to call it snow and cross it off of the list!
Wanna be sledding.

In honor of keeping things real, I enjoyed the whole event while still in my robe.....and snow boots of course!!!

Want to guess who was the first to come back inside?


MOM said...

Yes, I really enjoyed reading this and especially seeing the pictures! They look like they are having so much fun!!! I remember those outfits!! You sure aren't wasteful and are making good use of the snowsuits. Your home looks nice with a white blanket around it. I appreciate your blog. I love my sweet Julie!! It was great to talk to you last night and I'm looking forward to seeing you. Love, MOM

Henderson Theobalds said...

Jealous! Looks so fun! And sweet vintage snowsuits girl - yeah!