Devon turned one AND he has decided to walk this week!

At 6:30 on the night of Devon's birthday, I decided it was high time for us to put together a "party" for this special little guy of ours!

Boy have baby parties changed since Justin had his first birthday almost 7 years ago! It is sooo much simpler these days! Just one of the differences between being first and fourth in line!
What is all of this fuss about!?
Ahh...I get it! I get to eat CAKE!

We pulled out the trusty pennants that I scored at a garage sale, the kids blew up balloons, we scrounged around in the garage and found some fun things to give him and wrapped them up, I baked a batch of banana coconut muffins and found a candle.

Instant party!

We sang, had a sweet treat, "watched" Devon unwrap his presents, played with his goods and watched a baby video on you-tube.

And everyone was happy. 

The end. 

First Steps.
Photo by: Justin

It makes me soooo happy to see him so proud of himself, in his own shy little way. It is a special treat to get him to actually walk to you. 
He is best known for sneaky walking....when nobody is paying attention he'll go and take 5 or more steps, but as soon as one of the kids calls out an alert, "Devon is walking!!!" He falls to the floor. Funny little Dev Dev. :)


MOM said...

I'm so happy for you and your sweet family!!! God has blessed you!!! Devon looks sooooo cute.... and walking wow!!!! The card + should arrive tomorrow, I got it in the mail last Wed. I love you and miss you all!!!! Call when it's a good time for you (I guess you didn't get my message). I'm proud of my Sweet Julie!!! Love, MOM

Angie Larkin said...

Sneaky walking! That cracks me up. Just so full of love for you and your sweet fam after reading this!

P.S. This is random and weird, but every time I do yoga, I think of you. Yoga is a wonderful, and I think you would enjoy it.