friday night "fun?"

I don't know if you knew this already, but I am quite fond of old things, particularly functional old things! 

For many, many years I have been admiring an antique butter churn that belonged to my grandma then mom where it was displayed on a shelf. 
On my birthday in July, my mom gave it to me as a gift. 

Since then I have been determined to make my very own butter, 
and we finally did!

 I bought an extra gallon of raw milk from Neighbor's Market that had loads of cream on top, watched a video on You-Tube (that's where I learn to do everything these days it seems,)and I did my best to skim the cream off of the top.

With great anticipation of sweet cream butter, we churned
and churned
and churned
and churned
and churned

and churned
and churned
and churned.

The kids argued over who would get to churn next!
They would squeal with delight when milk would slosh up onto their faces! 
We looked up butter churning songs to sing to pass the time.
They kept asking when it would be ready!
I had no clue!

After more than an HOUR, long after the "fun" was over and just as Patrick was attempting to convince me to  put it in the blender and
I realized that what we had was BUTTER mixed in with way too much milk
{it never clumped up like the ladies in the video because of that!}
I decided to strain it then I squeezed all of that extra milk out!
What we got in addition to a lesson in patience, persistence AND a new appreciation for the stuff in a pretty gold wrapper:



Catherine Noorda said...

no way! that is so cool. i've never even seen butter churned....it does take a long time!

Judy said...

My mother in law has a churn like that & a really pretty -really OLD butter press! My kids used to love to sit around the table and take turns churning!!! (when they were here a little more! lol!!) So fun to do things the "old fashioned" way!!

Angie Larkin said...

My mom has a churn like that on her shelf too! Would it work in a blender? Very cool for the the kids (and the big kids) to see all the work that goes into food eh?

i said...

They say the blender or food processor will do the trick...next time that is what we will do....unless we want more "fun" of course! I appreciate butter so much more. :-)

Eve said...

yum!! Raw milk butter!
It's fun to see your pics here...your kiddos are getting so big!

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

We've put cream and salt in a jar and just shook it til it turned to butter. And it works too! you could give them their own babyfood jars and just let them shake away. Fun idea.

MOM said...

Wow, that sounds great!!! Sorry it was too wet, but now ya know.... Glad the churn got some good use. I made butter with my kindergarten class in 1976 by taking turns shaking it in a jar as they passed it around the circle. I remember it tasted great on saltine crackers and didn't take too long to make. I love your blog!! I did not get an e-mail notification though... can you fix that?? Love, MOM