picture perfect?

our Christmas theme for this year:
"it may not be perfect, but if Christmas can point our hearts towards our Savior we can rejoice even in the imperfections of the season." 
dieter f. uchtdorf 

the morris' Christmas

a crying angel/helping angel

isn't it fun. all you need to be a sheperd is a towel or a scarf!?
anna picked the "perfect" baby Jesus this year....charming, isn't he?

best gingerbread house EVER

dallin took an early peak...i think he liked what he saw!

i didn't buy Christmas jammies for everyone this year....nobody noticed. :)

devon in tow....and finally happy.

love mail from las vegas, idaho, utah and germany! it made it much easier to be so far from home for the first time ever!
THANKS SOOO MUCH amanda/kyle, mom/charlie, mum/dad, nick/erina, grandparents englehart and wilson!!!

i had a fireplace to hang the stockings by this year!

the booby trap. . i set a present out and taped it to a little alarm. they lifted it up at 6:30 am!

my Christmas present from my dear children.oh dear! ;)

what a cute bunch (even if anna even got a very fat lip and knocked her front tooth in the day before Christmas eve!)

see!?! we do get sun. :)

the duct tape adds a nice touch. ;)
what wonderful faces!!!

having fun with the car set
I did pick the perfect gift for Devon! He played with it for 10 minutes!

 i know he liked his gift, but what a fun face i caught on film!

we got to eat Christmas dinner with a lovely family from out ward.

 we sure didn't have a "perfect" Chistmas....but it was still so wonderful.  we feel so blessed.
we sure do rejoice in the birth of our Savior!!! 

p.s. Merry Christmas to you MOM!


Rachel said...

Looks like fun!

MOM said...

My Sweet Julie (and family) that was a beautiful picture summary of your Christmas!! Thanks so very much for the basket of goodies!! I am looking forward to your blog posts while you're away, it helps ease the pain of distance. Your children look so sweet and happy!! What a wonderful gift that keeps on giving!! Love, MOM

The Morris Code said...

Awesome, definitely picture perfect!

Michelle said...

What a great post! So many fantastic pictures! A few thoughts: Justin is getting so handsome. I love your tree and the star above your piano. I didn't even know you had a piano! Why did I not know this? Everyone does look so happy (well, for the most part)! Oh, and the booby trap... genius! I miss you, Julie! But I am glad you are so well. :)

Catherine Noorda said...

i love your new house. your stone fireplace is so pretty! i wish we had one of those :) and i love the nativity with your kids!

Jill said...

Love that quote, and the picture with the little star in the foreground. Your posts always make me happy, Julie :)

i said...

I am so glad Jill! Catherine...that fireplace ROCKS huh?! haha. ;) It has it's own personality for sure! Michelle- The piano was only there 1 time when you came to my house. It was on the right around the corner as you came in my house. Which house I do miss! And yes, I was a genius concerning the boobie trap! ;)

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

what a fun Christmas, julie! Perfection is overrated! Cute pictures!

Andrea said...

Oh Julie, I love your family. You make family life look so fun!! (not that it's not, but you seem to squeeze a little extra fun out of it!)