An unfinished post from the middle of August...
I have a problem. I have a very, very hard time creating a blog post without pictures! I don't have a way to get the pictures onto this computer to help me write this blog entry and it's driving me nuts. BUT....
It's high time I put something down here anyways just in case you were wondering what in the world is going on with the Morris.'

First off. I just have to get this out in the open.
I "live" in a TRAILER PARK!
Just in case you are as clueless as I was before embarking on this epic adventure, lots of  people live, full time in RV's. I had no clue. But now I do, because that's just what we are doing! It's not half bad if you find a top notch RV park like this one, although I would NOT suggest doing it for long periods of time in a trailer that has only 84 square ft. of living space! It's a tight ship in here to say the least, but we are managing fairly well and are excited to say that we are in the market to purchase a home....or rent. We are not sure which at this point. I would have to say that after being here for 2 weeks now, I love it too..... I am just praying that when the rain comes (and it surely will) that I will maker sure I do what's necessary to cope with the clouds.

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