It's all good.....

On Saturday, I decided after many requests from my mother and several from friends that a blog post way past due!
The problem: after many failed attempts, I can't get even get one of the myriad of pictures to post on my blog
 while using this little tablet. It is frustrating and I want to just wait until I can a proper blog, but that might take eons. Instead, I will try to pluck out a bit of a story on this finicky little typing pad.

It is a long story, that can be summed up with one phrase you may have heard that has echoed through my brain many, many times in the past several months. Here goes:

"LIFE is what happens when you are off making other plans."

We had plans.

Those plans ended abruptly just two weeks after leaving Vegas on August 3rd in Medford, Oregon where we were staying in The Knight's Inn while our van's transmission amd brakes were being replaced.

Patrick was working as usual when his boss called to inform him that his job as a contractor for Fox would be ending that very week!

When hired, the job was projected to take 6 months to a year.

Things change!

The only thing to be done was to look for another job.

Amazingly enough, the very next day we had three job interviews lined up 5 hours North of us in the Portland area for the following Monday!

After a much needed weekend camping retreat im Sunny Valley, OR, we we were on the road to find a job and a place to live.

By August 8th we had a job offer in the Portland area.

We now live in a place with LOTS of trees AND LOTS of tech jobs....just like Patrick wanted to begin with.

I have Trader Joe's and a rental where we are allowed to get chickens AND an IKEA!

It is an absolutly gorgeous place to live....even if we were sort of placed here.

I know that it is where God wants us to be at this time.

It has been an adjustment for sure!

Much of the things we are adjusting to are wonderful but I am not going to lie or paint a perfect picture that doesn't exist.

Many things are dowright hard.

Thankfully there is so much good.


Theresa said...

wow. crazy! can't believe you've moved and everything,... life sure changes fast. I'll have to remember that when the Lord is changing something in my life it often happens fast. :)

Theresa said...

as long as I'm letting him do the driving,... :)

Angie Larkin said...

We want to come visit you! We don't want to live in Vegas forever. It's decided. We just went to Nebraska. It was awesome. I want to check out the pacific northwest now.

Glad to hear you are doing well. Miss you friend! Glad you have tomatoes. Glad you have green. How come your main computer isn't hooked up yet? Can't wait to see pics! Are you home schoolin'?

i said...

Come Angie!!! Tickets are only 35 one way + fees for Spirit flights in the off season/mid week!!

We are homeschooling on our own still and love it.

Crazily enough we need to go get our computers from, my dad's. We didn't want them baking in our UBF trailer while it waited in Vegas. I miss a real computer soooo much! It took an hour to post this sorry excuse for a blog post on this thing. Plus The laptop is on the frits and needs attention to be functioning.Excuses, excuses. :-)

Catherine Noorda said...

i loved reading that and hearing from you again. i've been wondering how you've been doing! i'm glad you have a trader's and an ikea. how i wish we'd get an ikea here! keep posting!

Janelle said...

Good to hear how life is going. Crazy that Patrick's job changed so quickly. Good to hear that it is going well. Take care friend! We miss you too! :)

andrea said...

It's crazy how quickly things can change and then change again. I think it's great that you're in an area you enjoy. Honestly, it took me 4 years to get used to Ely, then my best friend moved away. I know have to figure out how I will get through this winter with a shred of sanity.

Eve said...

Ah, so THAT'S what happened. Good thing you were headed the right direction! ;-)

Hope the tough things iron out eventually and the joys reveal themselves more and more.