Lady in waiting.

Let me rephrase that. 
in waiting!

I've realized that I'm not the only lady in waiting around here!

I think Anna might even be more excited for the baby to arrive than I am!
I'm due Jan. 7th but have gone a bit earlier in the past, so
to make it easier for my kids to understand when I was due, whenever they asked when the baby would come out I just told them, 

Well, it's after Christmas and Anna is ready! 
I tried to explain to her that it would be born SOMETIME after, and we don't know exactly when, but it's no use. 

On Christmas Eve after she had a delivery of her own with daddy's help she announced,
"Tomorrow after we open our presents, the baby will come out!"
If only it were that simple Anna. 

She just keeps asking and I keep wondering as well.
When is the baby going to come out?

It's not that I'm in a hurry.
For me, it's WAY easier to have the baby inside than out.
From experience I've decided that waiting is way easier than the alternatives!

It does help that this pregnancy has been an absolute dream. 
When Anna stuffs her baby under her shirt, you can still hear it's recorded cry.
My baby is silent.
And content.
And fed automatically....
{with no effort on my part, except for the fact that I get to eat and I'm a pro at that already.}
I still even sleep through the night!

We also could use more time to decide on a boy name....if it is a boy that is.  We've chosen the name Ella if it is a girl. 

Plus, the longer it hangs out in it's cozy womb, the more time I  have to recover from:
the Night AFTER Christmas
{which isn't nearly as  lovely of a scene as the Night BEFORE Christmas.}

Soooo, until the awaited birth occurs, I'm sure she will continue to choose clothing that will accommodate her "baby to be" each day.

And she'll continue to ask Dallin to check the baby's heartbeat.

And I'll continue to wonder with excitement whether these contractions will be THE ONES! 


Michelle said...

That is so cute! I can't wait to talk to you tomorrow. I still cannot believe you are about to be a mother of FOUR. WOW!!!
I love the picture of Dallin checking the baby's heartbeat... that is too cute. :)

Cindy said...

I think you should hold off having the baby until Jan 6th, its a great day to be born! :)

Shaunna said...

I'm with you, Julie. You can still sleep through the night right now. Plus, you have labor and delivery to look forward to (or not). But, the pictures ARE adorable, and Anna is about the cutesy big sister I've seen.

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet...I love the pictures. I thought you were due on the 15th??? I love my sweet Julie!!
Love, MOM

Mary said...

Anna is a sweetie!

She is going to be a huge help when the baby comes.

I really hope it's a baby sister for her sake and hopefully a name will just pop into your head.

i said...

Nope mom....still the 7th. Mary, a girl will be Ella. The boy is the question. My husband wants Kelvin. That's the unit measurement we use for temperature. Hmmm not real sure about that.

Amy Joy said...

I love this post. Little girls are the best. I am having a hard name for a boy. Fun that you don't know. Guess I can have mine early bc I can't sleep. I need a fork lift to roll over! I still have 8 week though

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

Very cute, Julie! you are much more patient than I was. I was always so uncomfortable the last month, I just wanted that baby out! I hope he/she comes soon! How fun to not know the sex!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, to you and Anna, the ladies in waiting, I hope you'll have an Ella or get enough time for a boys name. If Anna is like Anneclaire, like I think she is, she would love a lil' sister. :) Thinking of you and sending you xoxo!

Chels said...

Love the post. I can't believe it's "time" so soon! I'm so thrilled for you, I'm sure that the babe will come in just the right timing! Cant wait to hear what you get!! (boy or girl)
We will be waiting!

Angie Larkin said...

Kelvin. Ha! That is so Patrick. Can't wait to see what in the world you got in there! We are all sickies at my house and boo hoo want to come see you. Your family pictures looked awesome and your hair was downright glamorous!

Audrey Taylor said...

I enjoyed reading this!! I also decided that Kelvin does fit with Justin and Dallin. =)

La Ron said...

I am sure you have given to to me before but I need to get your email so I can invite you to my blog. I am making it private. COngrats on soon to be baby number 4!!!

Stacie said...

Ha! I love them acting out the doctor's visit!

Michelle said...

The name Ella is really cute. Hey, you could be in labor now. Can't wait to see pictures!