am i the only one?

do you sometimes wonder, 

am i the only one?????

today i happened to look up at my ceiling and lo and behold, there it was.

a  blob of butter, about a tablespoon worth, on the CEILING.


then i asked a question i never, EVER, imagined i would ask as a mother.

"uh....who on earth threw a blob of butter up on the ceiling???"

{i'm pretty sure i'm the only mother on the earth today that asked her dear children that question.}

i'm not sure WHY i bothered asking, especially since nobody ever fesses up, but i asked it nonetheless.

 and since i got no answer, the only thing i was left to do is wonder.
who done it!?! 

maybe it was dallin???
it couldn't have been dallin! 

 {this is him with the piece of bread he buttered all by himself just the other day....i'm pretty sure he loves butter way too much to be throwing it up on the ceiling.}

what about anna? 
i guess it could have been anna, but i'm pretty sure it wasn't because the only thing she is good at throwing is a tantrum.

that left me with one final suspect.


this a picture his dad took of him weeks ago...
am i wrong to be instituting the guilty until proven innocent policy???

for some reason he tends to have guilty written all over his forehead more times than not. 
i've yet to get a confession. 
but believe me. 
i am NOT holding my breath!


Judy said...

I LoVe reading your blog!! It always helps me realize i'm not the only one going thru this crazy stuff!!!! I haven't had to ask about butter on the ceiling but -- grapes(yes) gum(yes) candy and sandwiches stuffed behind the couch(yes) wrappers nicely stuffed behind the bookcase(yes) and the list goes on and on and.....well, I guess you get the picture! LoL!! Thank you for helping me realize that yes, kids will be kids!! Hope you have a fabulous, fun filled day!!!!

craftyashley said...

I just looked up and found... something. I don't know what's up there. But it is something food related. So I guess you're not alone!

Anonymous said...

I always love your pictures and stories... but did you even consider it could have been Patrick??? OK it probably wasn't...but.. Just think, before too long you'll have one more to suspect. Have a wonderful day everyday!!!! Love, MOM

Telavian said...

It definitely was not me.

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

mine is not butter, but chicken soup from forever ago that i am just too lazy to wipe away. in that instance i was the guilty party. julie, have you been throwing butter lately? :)

Shaunna said...

Not that it matters, but you should trust your mom instincts. If you sense it was Justin, you're probably right. I can always tell by looking my children in the eyes while they're lying to me. Helps reinforce my consistent answer to their question, how do you know? Because I'm the mom. I know everything.

Amy Joy said...

Oh shoot I always feel guilty when I assume it's the kid who is ALWAYS the guilty one when I am looking. He must be the guilty one when I am not looking. right?
Here is the picture in my head. Cute baby (for now) Dallin loven' the butter, putten' it on his toast, and dang it it is stuck to his hand. A few shakes and it's gone. He doesn't know where it went but at least it is off his hand and he still has plenty on his bread :)

Kelly said...

Go with your gut. I am sure your right.

Amy Joy said...

Have I ever told you naughty kids are my Fav :) That's why I taught special ed. Anyway, I need your email for a blog invite. I just got all freaked out and made it private.

Ashby Family said...

They are so sneaky at this age. I bet you do have it right! Alexis likes to sneak things past me too like hiding food she doesn't like in the diaper trash outside or hidding the clippings (yes clippings!) she's taken from a perfectly good outfit or dressup some where in her room. I never know until I find a GIGANTIC hole in a piece of clothing. Good luck figuring it out : )