Some highlights 
from the school of 


At La Jolla Children's pool beach!
{Justin LOVED the mini tide pool and even nominated himself as the "tour guide." AND we learned that Chinese tourists are REALLY fond of white little children.}

At the Mormon Battalion 
Visitors Center.

At the beach!
{We learned the most from our new fisherman friend.
Dallin also learned that sand coated pears are not a delicacy!}

At the S.E.E.K. Co-op!

 At the Police Station.

 In the living room and outside.

 At the Goat Milk Guy's "homestead."
{We learned that fresh goat's milk tastes WAY better than the stuff in the store, but yes, it still has that "goaty" taste.}  

 Lessons the hard way!
{Anna found out about what happens when you twist a comb one too many times around in your hair (ouch) or put scissors to your hair!
My favorite quote as she was walking into great clips with her allowance to pay for a "real" haircut... 
"See this money I have??? I'm buying 100 toys with it! NOT a haircut!"}

How to smile "pretty!"
{Dallin has officially mastered his cheesy camera grin!} 

In the Pumpkin Patch at Gilcrease Orchard.
{Some things DO grow in our desert!}


Anonymous said...

Wow, you sure are a great photographer!! And judging by all the fun and educational things your kids get to see and do you're a great MOM and TEACHER too!! I love how your blogs have more pictures and less writing, because a picture is worth a thousand words. I love MY Sweet Julie!!! Love, MOM

Michelle said...

You got some AWESOME pictures! What a fantastic post! I LOVE the close-up of Anna where she has a hat on and is looking up (I think that's in the third picture cluster). What a sweet, perfect look! Dallin with the pumpkin at the end is pretty adorable too. And Justin - that kid is so darn handsome. Looking at these pictures made me wish I had been all of those same places with my kids too!
Can't wait to get together sometime soon - maybe next week?

Stacie said...

School of life is the best! Especially when your mommy can take awesome pictures to commemorate what you've done!

Angie Larkin said...

Michelle, I was loving the same pic of Anna in the hat! I get so much fun out of seeing your pictures. You are getting so good! Loved seeing all of the adventures and fun you've had. I loved the one with Justin in the locker too.