Sweet Fruity Fun

I had driven past them half a dozen times on the way to the park. Two trees, heavy and full of goodness were calling my name.
Then finally, one day I did it. 

I wrote the note and it went something like this.

I was noticing that you had a large amount of fruit on you tree. If you are not going to use it, I was wondering if I could pay you for any you might not use. Just call me and let me know. 

Thanks for your consideration,

Two days went by until I got the message.

He said I could have them.


The next Saturday morning, I gathered my buckets, a ladder and a large jug of water and headed off for my adventure.

I found the "perfect" place to park.

Then I got to work.

First task: Sampling of the goods. 

We discovered that even warm grapes and nectarines are absolutely divine!!! 

Next, the fun started. This is how it went.

Pick, sweat, sample.
Pick, sweat, sample.
Pick, sweat, sample.


The fun lasted for over an hour and a half.
All the while I sang the song...

"Millions of Nectarines, Nectarines for Me. Millions of Nectarines, Nectarines for Free."

And I was happy.

I only had to escape from the 105* temps once in the air conditioned car.

It was a hot, sweaty, exciting, YUMMY morning.

I got lots of long looks from curious drivers.
Hmmm....Roadside fruit picking isn't all that common in these parts I suppose!

Then, as if there wasn't enough excitement for one morning, the cops showed up just as I had full buckets of sweet deliciousness in my hot little hands on the way to the van. One of those curious drivers had even called the cops for me.
There were lectures and threats of the confiscation of the fruits of my labors.

It's pretty sad when the most exciting thing for a couple of arrogant cops to do on a Saturday morning is to protect produce and be rude to the pregnant fruit crazy mom. They treated me as if I had just robbed a bank and was loading up buckets of gold coins instead of over ripe golden fruit.

Silly cops. 

I'm just thankful the nectarine tree owner was home to verify my story....
AND that I wasn't ticketed for parking on the curb.
AND that I didn't speak my mind and tell them how ridiculous they were behaving.

It was a fun fruit filled morning for sure!!!

It was all worth it to enjoy that real, yummy, drippy ripe fruit for days on end. 
And the dried stuff is pretty dang wonderful too!


Katrina said...

I can't believe someone called the cops and that the cops actually responded! That is insane. I am glad you got lots of yummy fruit for free. That is awesome!

Michelle said...

That's a great story! I agree it's ridiculous someone called the cops on you. If I drove by you in that situation I might have thought... look at that crazy Mom stealing fruit but I would have never called the cops. :)

Judy said...

Really - the cops!!! That is crazy - I can't believe people have nothing better to do!! Glad the owners were home so you could keep your fruit!!

Lacey said...

I have to disagree with everyone thinking the cops being called was unnecessary.

Julie wasn't in the front yard, or back yard, or somewhere where it was obvious that she was not stealing the fruit. Sure this person had lots of fruit to share, but you never know if it is someone who is stealing and maybe the owner sells their fruit or uses it for part of a business or whatever. Sure you can always say, if they're stealing they must need it more than me, or in this case the home owner, but really the neighbor or passing driver was just trying to help out a fellow neighbor.

My in-laws have a pecan tree in their front yard, and are always happy to share, but it's rather annoying when people just come and take nuts without asking.

Now two cops showing up...that's pretty ridiculous, and she was fortunate the home owner was there to verify her story, though I'm sure all charges would have been dropped later, but the fruit might have been lost.

i said...

True Lacey...I was fine with them being there just in case. It's just pathetic that they were being rude about it when they didn't even know the whole tale yet. ;) It did make the morning more "fun" though.

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

I can't believe someone called the cops. You can take my word for it that they (the cops) did not want to take the call. You wouldn't believe some of the things Dustin has to go investigate because of people complaining. A lady called because her husband threw water on her, they are required to go. Dumb people in this world!

Lacey said...

That is sad that they were being rude about it and not friendly. I would find it funny to see a mom harvesting fruit from a tree.

Chels said...

oh yummmmmmm...... yum... yum....
mmmm... my my my YUM.

Angie Larkin said...

Wow! What an adventure! I think it is a sad thing to see luscious fruit bird pecked to death or rotting on the ground, so good for you for going and getting it! I love nectarines. Save me some! Speaking of free stuff, We are going to the Rio Pool sometime this week. It's free! Interested?

Mythreesons said...

Nice! Great story. I guess if it were my nectarine tree and someone picked it without asking, I would appreciate the call to the cops. However, it sounds like they were a bit bored and went a little overboard.
Glad you got to keep all that fruit, though! And kudos to you for taking the initiative to contact the owner. I always dream of stuff like that, but never have the guts to do it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've done that exact same thing only with apricots and without the police!!! I bet they're yummy!! I love my Sweet Julie!!! Love, MOM

Paul and Ines said...

That is great Julie...what a great fruit find & they look delicious. Great story too! good thing the owner was home...if not would they have taken them from you??? Only probably to enjoy them in the squad car :)

Leslie said...

Wow, that's a great crop there and good for you for speaking up to ask the owner if you could buy them (and bonus for getting them for free!). I am glad the cops questioned you, though. It's good to know they are looking out for things that don't look right and people are just sheisty enough to steal (like our boat cover last summer off our PORCH). Enjoy the fruit!

Michelle said...

Your pictures turned out beautifully! What a great Saturday morning activity... I CANNOT believe those cops stopped to harass you. They must have been seriously bored. Good job for not telling them off!!

Amy Joy said...

The picture is so great. The 2 cop SUVs. Couldn't just be one? One couldn't leave when they saw YOU? The casino in the background LOL Julie. I am so gald you had your camera. You must have looked like a prof. fruit taker with your buckets and minivan and kids. Too funny

Katie said...

Glad to know you found some time to actually take a picture of the police cars while they were chastising you for your fruit picking. I'm still smiling imagining the whole scene!

Cindy said...

Julie, Julie...what an exciting tale!! I'm with everyone else...I can't believe, it took not one but two to take you on, LOL :). I'm sorry they were rude, not that they don't have anything better to do than pick on mom gathering fruit. What a tale!

cynphil6 said...

Glad you enjoyed the "fruits of your labors!" ( ;

Terresa said...

What an adventure!

It's called gleaning, people! Don't the cops know that? It's been going on for centuries, people gleaning dropped or nearly fallen fruit that would otherwise spoil!!!!!

I'm happy for you & your wise eyes that sought out this treasure! Enjoy, enjoy!!

i said...

Haha terresa! That made me laugh. I suppose I can add the word gleaner to my personal description. And you are right. That fruit would have gone to waste!!!

Lesley said...

Julie you lead such an exciting life! Love it!