This afternoon I decided the post I wrote 3 weeks ago was getting very stale.
I sat down to write, but nothing made it onto my screen.

At the time I could not think of anything else to write about. I was experiencing a bloggers block of sorts. Luckily as I thought, what in the world is worth sharing???? (aside from just more pictures of DISASTERS BY DALLIN) I remembered that there is really A LOT more to my life then DESTRUCTION!

Don't get me wrong, there IS much destruction. BUT there are still many, many things that we are eNjOyiNg right now.

We are eNjOyiNg my dad and mum's desire to take the kids to his house for slumber parties...once a month.

What a treat!!!!
....for them and for us.

Patrick and I get to spend some much needed time together.
The kids get to watch movies into the wee hours of the morning and  gorge themselves on CocoaCrackCrispies and other treats I don't care to know about that only grandpa gives them!

We do pay for the sugar overdose the rest of the Satruday, but it's worth it. :0)

This is a very simple enjoyment, but right now I totally this salsa. I've run out of it and need to go to Costco to get more. I LOVE El Sol Salsa. There are only a few ingredients, it's fairly salty, but is the perfect addition to many, many things I make. It adds just a little kick and adds spice to my life....Just like Dallin (who actually eNjOyS it straight.)

I eNjOy it when something is organized. It may not STAY organized, but right now I am  eNjOyiNg my clean jUnK drAwEr!
This was a few weeks ago, but it still resembles it's organized state. 

I'm even enjoying a (mostly) clean computer nook which is a rarity here. 
I can even move my mouse around with ease! 
(You can catch a glimpse of it in the background of Dallin's salsa painting picture.)

Lately we have been  eNjOyiNg many, many, many hours at the park. I can't think of anything Anna  eNjOys more than swinging. She squeels with delight and is on cloud nine whenever she can bribe me or another park attendee to push her. ;) Laundry parties and a messy house are a small price to pay for childhood bliss.

I am really eNjOyiNg serving in the nursery at church.
No, REALLY! And I think Patrick even likes it too.
I find it a bit surprising that I feel so excited and look forward to being in there all week long.
I just can't help it. The kids are adorable, it's fun to see my husband playing with them, I get to plan fun activities there is an awesome manual, I love doing singing time AND I get a snack during church. Is it isolating????......uh....yeah, but it's so worth it. It feels so satisfying to see a kid change from being a nursery hater to a nursery lover. I enjoy that. :)

You proably have realized it by now, but we are eNjOyiNg our little garden. I never realized what satisfaction growing things would bring. It's so fun to have the kids run out to grab an onion for dinner or snack on peas while playing in the back yard. Justin really considers himself a knowledgeable gardener it's so cute! 

Don't for a second think that we have a clue what we are doing. A few things actually grow to the point where we can actually eat them and we get a bit of help from our awesome neighbor, Laura.

The other things we grow...... They are for entertainment. 
I recently decided to "harvest" our carrots. What a joke that was. 
The carrot stem that was nearly as tall as Justin ended up having two heads and had a root  only as long as his little finger. The other was quickly named MEDUSA for obvious reasons. The kids  eNjOyEd their little friend until she withered away.
 We are also really  eNjOyiNg the backyard. AKA the outdoor classroom for Justin, a place to send the kids to run free, get dirty AND give mom some space (and another area to clean. :)

Last but not least, I am REALLY, REALLY  eNjOyiNg Mormon messages. What a special treat it is to be taught meaningful lessons in little bits throughout the day. Here is my alltime favorite story. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. I want to put silver dollars in someone's shoes. Maybe not literally, but you get the point.

This one is new, but if you haven't heard the Nielsen's story yet (which would be hard for me to believe), you must see this! I've been inspired by them over and over, but this video was the icing on the cake!!! I thoroughly  eNjOyEd it!

What are YOU eNjOyiNg right now???


Shaunna said...

I enjoy (can't write it in that awesome font, though) reading others' blogs and realizing that I am not as isolated in mothering young children as I think I am. I also enjoy the warm, humid sun on my face and the smell of the lanai in the morning when its windows have been open all night. Thanks, Julie, for bringing those things to my attention. Also, I like organized junk drawers, too.

Stacie said...

I love those latest videos! I also love that pic of Anna high in the air!

Sam said...

Ahh, Julie, you make me realize that I need to stop obsessing over my cramped, messy house and do more stuff w/ my kids. Thanks for motivating me! I definately could use some more enjoyment in my life.

Amanda Warren said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. It has been great keeping in touch with old friends and being able to read about their lives and the lives of their spouses and children. Keep up the good work!

Tara said...

I am enjoying your blog post :) AND 2 kids and school and 2 more sleeping. {Don't ask me how that happened}.

cynphil6 said...

Just separating me from the stalkers, lol. And a big THANKS for the comments on my blog as well. I too, LOVE Lexi's dress. It's nice to tell her that others do too. ( :

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

thanks, Julie...again! You always lift my sad heart!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading your blog entries!!! I love my Sweet Julie and your cute little ones!!! Love, MOM

Angie said...

I did it!!! I won't have to be anonymous any more!!, unless I forget my password I guess. Love, MOM