a mix-up

Whomever put:



 mUSt NoT hAvE taken mY hOuSe 
into consideration!!!

I hear a rumor that many, many households are benefiting from the aforementioned ritual.

Well, mine is NOT!!!....

Am I the only one who would choose laying on a blanket watching the clouds go by over washing baseboards!?!?!

The only cleaning going on around here is survival cleaning.

Were scraping by.

Scraping up yet another something Dallin has laced the world with.

Since he's acquired some new "SKILLS" i.e. methods of destruction, nothing is safe in our home:

INCLUDING jAcK! (whom may or may NOT have wanted to become a SALT WATER FISH!!)

He even recently added a new element to his developmental destruction: he has OFFICIALLY learned to climb onto the counter and has come to love straight butter.
He is extremely "helpful." He even got a head start on my soap making project.

He makes his own breakfast (but doesn't yet know how to dress himself, darnit!)
BUT...he CAN take off his shoes all by himself.....and even learned to throw them from the car. (This is his Easter egg hunting attire.)

Even with all of these new skills, the thing he does best is melt my heart!

Maybe I should just hold off a year or 20 and do some 
empty nest cleaning 


Audrey Taylor said...

HAHAHAHAAAA! Dallin is so cute, he's starting to look a little like Justin, huh? Poor Jack! Did he survive? Wow Dallin is helpful with all that. I agree he is a "heart-melter"! I love how you capture it all and your uplifting perspective!

Stacie said...

I'll take cloud watching any day over any house cleaning project!

Anonymous said...

Well, did Jack survive? You used to love straight butter too. We'd say, "Do you want a little potatoes with your butter, Julie?"
Sounds like you need a visit from Super-Grandma...now that I'm feeling better. Sorry I haven't been by in so long!!! Love, MOM

Amanda Warren said...

Julie, let me tell you-- your house is cleaner than mine! When I saw the picture of your bedroom, I had to laugh because mine is much messier if you can believe it. I couldn't tell you the last time I made my bed. Better yet, I couldn't tell you the last time I washed my sheets. Ha! I beat you! I am far messier than you are! Jess has 3 days off next week, and I am going to clean like the dickens!

Angie Larkin said...

Oh that was funny! I love the fish part and the mis-matched shoes. Thanks for the laugh.

Maynor Moments said...

LOL! I would have to say my house looks about the same. I try to clean but has I clean one room the kids destroy the other room!!

Amy said...

Same here.Spring cleaning only exists when you have nothing better to do and kids are not part of the picture.

kristi said...

I have one of those. The other morning I hear Alex in the kitchen (not usually a good thing). I went out there a couple minutes later expecting to see him eating out of a cereal box, but instead he has the sliding glass door wide open. He's sitting at the little kid table outside with a bag of shredded cheese. I laughed. At least he knew that I would make him eat it outside since it's so messy! :) I have given up getting mad at him. I just try to have him help clean up. sigh.

Jeremy and ShaLayne said...

LOL! Dallin is at such a fun age. You must carry your camera around your neck to catch all of the action!

Michelle said...

We know all about survival cleaning at my house. I used to love watching clouds when I was younger. Enjoy your cloud watching. :)

Andrea said...

Julie, are you still in that same house you moved into with Patrick before you had kids? The one in the pictures looks way bigger. Anyway, you are so funny. I love reading your little tidbits and feel the same way!

We might be headed out to Vegas for my birthday in June. I'll let you know if we officially decide to go. It would be really fun to see you and your gang!

i said...

Yes, Jack is alive! He is a fighter. :)
Yes, mom, I do have a love of butter....still. Thanks for the help, even if after hours of work it just feels like just a drop in the bucket. Believe me, I know how that feels.

Amanda, i'm not so sure if you win. you have to post your messy house pics on your blog so we can compare. right now, go take one of your laundry room, bedroom and kitchen and we shall see. :)

Kristi: Cheese is the food anna sneaks the most. She and Alex should join forces!!!

Shalayne, no, I just keep it in the kitchen...and do have to do little re-enactments at times. Like Dallin on the counter for example. I put him up there to take a picture, cause I realized I never take one when he gets up there on his own cause I'm too busy getting him down.

Andrea: No, we moved Novemeber 2006. We would love to see you when you come. You are welcome to bring your 2 kids and stay with us....if you can handle the chaos. ;)

i said...

Clarrification: Dallin had been eating on the counter earlier so it's not an exaggeration. ;)

Rachelle said...

I so sympathize Julie! You have great kids and you are a great mom and I agree watch the clouds; you'll still be able to clean tomorrow!

Becky said...

Dallin looks so much like Justin! I have to agree that staring at the clouds is much better than cleaning. Miss you!

Terresa said...

Oh, this post is divine. What messes we haven't seen yet are going to be thought up...maybe even now, while our kids are in the kitchen and we are on our computers, tucked away in the back rooms of our home.

As the mother/child poem goes, "Cleaning & scrubbing can wait til tomorrow..."

I believe that.

Terresa said...

PS: As a child, my mom says I loved straight butter. Gah!!