An everyday miracle as a guest in our home.

Dear Mister Green Caterpillar, 

This is just a little note to tell you how much we appreciated having you in our home, which was WAY better than having you in our garden. You were so cute and green and little caterpillar, but boy was your appetite voracious! You did just was the famous "Very Hungry Caterpillar" did, for which you should be proud. You were the perfect one to become our science experiment, and we're glad you were obliged! We're especially grateful you found a nice home on that broccoli leaf to make your cocoon. All of the other little green caterpillars who have entered our home never even mad it that far. What talent!  It was fun to anticipate what you would become and when it would happen.  Then to top it all off, you went another stage further and went through metamorphosis. WOW that was awesome!!! (Even if you turned out to be a moth and not a beautiful butterfly like we had hoped.) You were an amazing creature. A miracle really. Thanks for being a part of our families' education! You made all of us very, very happy.

With Love, 

p.s. we're so sorry you didn't get to go out into the real world and create more little caterpillars to come and eat our green stuff. we feel a little bit bad about that, but we wanted you to know that your life's mission was truly wonderful for us to behold, even if it ended tragically in canning jar on top of our toaster oven. sorry about that. :( that must have been hot)


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ladybug(s),
This letter comes to you in despiration.  You are our only hope. Aphids are taking over our little teensy garden. Please, we beg of you, stick around our place and take as many "piggy back rides" as are necessary for you to further your aphid eating cause. If there's anything we can do for you in your quest, please, let us know. 
The Management

p.s. Thanks for being so adorable. You are a joy to see amidst the throngs of hideous gray/green creatures whom are trying to ruin our garden, one cabbage plant at a time!
p.s.s. When you get a handle on the aphids, could you start eating the white flies? Thanks.
p.s.s.s. Do you think I need "help?" This is second letter to an insect I've written today. Maybe I have spring fever??? Maybe!


Maynor Moments said...

What a fun science Project for Justin. Sorry about the loss of your moth! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It looks like you're doing science the way it's supposed to be taught, hands-on. That's so much better than a text-book!! Your garden looks nice (the bugs aren't visible in the picture). You're doing a great job with your dear little ones!!! Keep up the good work my Sweet Julie!!! Love, MOM

Michelle said...

Did you take those up close pictures of the ladybug? That is amazing! Wow. Very cute post! DO you want to get together this week?
I'll give you a call. :)

Melissa said...

We used to catch caterpillars and then watch them change... and die as we set them free in the lovely Idaho spring... sigh.

Did you know that you can order ladybugs from garden catalogs? There was a lady in my home ward that ordered praying mantis's and ladybugs every year and let them go into her garden... she had one of the coolest flower gardens and a fabulous veggie garden!!

i said...

Michelle, I did do those pics. :) I love my lady bugs. I guess I'll say loved because they are all dead or gone. I look every day hoping to see baby lady bugs. We bought Mantids and Lady bugs this year. I'm still waiting for the Mantids to hatch. ;) Melissa, so, we are not the only caterpillar farmers around! :)

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

As I was reading about your sweet, sweet moth, I was wondering if you set him free. So sad to learn that he died, and I apologize for the burst of laughter that escaped my mouth as I read how. Poor, poor caterpillar.

We learned all about ladybugs on our walk the other day as we watched them 'piggy back'. Becca was quite amused by that. I love science!

PS The ladybug post rminded me of girl's camp, the year the aphids arrived and the first year ladybugs had to save us.

i said...

Larae...I totally forgot about that girls camp! :)

Henderson Theobalds said...

great shots!! And how fun to have a garden already looking so good!