and the prize goes to....


for being the best blog commenter on this entire earth.

okay, maybe not the earth, just my blog, but that's dang good.

the other day i got yet another GUSHY mommy comment and wondered.

has there ever been a post she DIDN'T comment on?

i just checked, and believe me it's rare!

a simple comment is just so symbolic of her desire to tell me she loves me.

plus, she knows the power of a kind word.

believe me, it's powerful.

it brings a tear to my little eye.

and makes me thankful.

thinking about her reminds me of the MANY MANY hours she's spent serving me.

she comes over often and reads my kids stories.

she gets to things around the house that have been neglected and helps me clean them.
and then she comes again and helps re-do the things that my kids have messed up AGAIN. 

i shake my head when I think of the disasters she's helped me conquer because i admit it, i'm a slob in many ways.

you should have seen my bathroom before this past Wednesday.

believe me, you wouldn't have wanted to.

when my brother came to visit he used my bathroom without my knowing it and told me that at least it was a little better than a truck stop bathroom.


i'm still working on fixing that, but i think i'll have to WAIT until there are fewer little ones undoing my feeble attempts to maintain order in this place.

until then, i'm just thankful to have a bit of help "putting out one fire at a time" from my mom.

i love you mom.....

cause i know you'll read this, and leave a lovey dovey comment too.

thank you.


Judy said...

Can I just tell you how cute your mom is!!! Moms are the BEST!! They can totally help with anything and not make you feel bad about it!!

Andrea said...

Hey Julie,

That makes me wish my mom even read my blog. I'm jealous. Yours is fun to read.

Maynor Moments said...

What a great blog! It is so hard to centralize your attention on one room or one area, because if you do the rest of the house will be destroyed!

Amy said...

If I were to see your mom walking down the street, I would know she is your mom. Wow! You guys look so much alike.

I love moms. My mom does the same thing.

Angie Larkin said...

Your mom is good in so many ways! I like how she says it like it is. I loved the picture of her in front of your newly cleaned fridge.

Don't worry about your bathroom. If you conquered the cleaning thing, then you'd be PERFECT! And we all know there is no such thing :) You are awesome Jules. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I adore your mom Julie! Tell her I'd like to be just like her one day! xoxo, katrina

Melissa said...

Aren't mom's fabulous? :) I love it when my mom comes to visit... and hopefully she'll be here this spring!

Anonymous said...

Thank you my Sweet Julie!!! You brought joy to my heart and tears to my eyes!!! I love to do things for you because you are so appreciative, and have ALWAYS been a perfect daughter...and I'm not just saying that!!! LOVE, MOM

Henderson Theobalds said...

Your mom is fabulous! I like her, and I don't even know her, beyond the sweet blog comments she leaves.

Plus she says you are perfect. That is priceless!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you have a great mama!

I enjoyed your K12 post. I hear some REALLY great teachers work there. :)
I'm just glad I'm not a LC since you do all the hard work!

Mary said...

O, I love my Mommy! I love it even more when she takes care of me....I need to act more needy and get some Motherly attention.

Mythreesons said...

I love moms, too! I think they keep us sane... they're Heavenly Father's special gift to us. You're so lucky yours is close-by. I'm glad she lifts your spirit and always comments. Moms are the best.