Twas the day after Christmas....

and all around my house,

a disaster has occurred,

Did it happen at your house????

(Sorry for the bad rhyme)

But today is all about.....


It's huge.

Recovering from this month long event called Christmas.

Can I tell you how grateful I am that today is Saturday and not Sunday....


Because Patrick is home and he can put in extra man hours to conquer the mess.


The MASSIVE pile of dishes,

The LARGEST pile of clean laundry I've seen all year!

Actually getting rid of old toys to make room for the new.

Taking down our not so fresh Christmas tree (that's loosing over 100 needles /minute.)

Putting away the new stuff.

Sending out belated Christmas New Years....or maybe Valentines Day cards.

Packing up the Christmas Plates.....that I only used once.

.......and more.

Have fun wit your operation Christmas Recovery.....unless you are efficient and do the laundry as you go....don't leave a sink full of dished for days at a time........didn't wait to sew Christmas gifts until 1a.m. Christmas Eve and then not clean up the mess.....already got rid of old toys...have simplified and not acquired too much Christmas stuff....or are just going to wait until the new year. ;)

p.s. as I got out the box to pack up the plates....I decided to:
 Give away the Christmas Plates I used only once! So I need your help.....take this set  off my hands!
They look like this....(Halibut and tomatoes not included.)

This is an 8 person set w/ tea cups, bowls, tea/dessert/dinner plates. I'll have 1 less thing to store!

They are nice. I'm just in the mood to purge.FREE to a good home that will put them to good use. :)

post edit.....my sister stopped by right after i posted this, saw the dishes on my counter and nabbed em!

 post edit confession: as of  Jan. 8 operation christmas recovery has been extended due to who knows what.
except the dishes and laundry part.
the new goal date to take the krispy tree down....tomorrow!
and the holiday cards...don't hold your breath. :)


hwscutie said...

are those holly berries on the side? I'm a sucker for anything with Holly on them.

i said...

sorry holly! my sister took them.

hwscutie said...

All good glad you got them to someone.

Mary said...

Funny Julie!

Yes we do the disaster clean up too!

Those dishes were cute! I'm glad you found a nice home for them.