I can't belive another season has come and gone.

And I can remember what all happened...thanks to my photo journalist obsessive compulsive tendencies!

I created this epic blog entry to make up for LOST time! and it took LOTS of time!

And now, I introduce you to all of the things that were merely blogged in my brain for the past 3 months.


 Top 20 + 1 FALL Favorites!
(in no specific order....featuring the letter F!)

Perfect indoor fun. 

 Fantastic music!
Dallin sure enjoyed himself.
I mainly enjoy the ecstatic look on his face!
Pot lids make a REALLY loud noise!
What fun.

 Fire Drill!
I just had to document this frequent occurrence. FORTUNATELY, our house is equipped with VERY sensitive fire alarms. They go off almost as often as our phone rings. One day I realized that the eardrum piercing sound didn't even phase the kids! So I conjured up a plan. Now, whenever it blares we all run outside for a family fire drill! And since we're sooo efficient around here, we have a fire drill more than once a week. I feel like an overachiever for once! ;)

We completed our backyard landscaping 1 year after beginning....3 years after moving in to our house.
What a good feeling!
"Smile Patrick!!!"
No thank you. this is HEAVY!!!
Oh.. :)

Funny Fake Faces!
Lately when I take pics of Anna she has been making me laugh. She has this squinty eyed smile...then I tell her, open your eyes! her eyes open wide, her eyeballs circle round and her mouth opens wide too. so cute! ;)my favorite is the one at the top.

 Falling Asleep.....
Following after his big sisters example!
His lunch looks TASTEY HUH!?! What!? You don't like pulverized teriyaki chicken and vegis?? It's daddy's specialty! He has a special affinity towards the food processor!

 Free Flowers

Fresh Free Flowers make me happy!
Dumpster digging (I don't actually "dive" in...is a cheap thrill!  (for me at least!):)

Fresh air! 
I love open window weather and perfect temperatures to hang out in the back yard and stare at the sky with happy little kids, play with fire and read bedtime stories alfresco!!!!

Family Treasure Hunting...
A Saturday morning little hike turned into a long mountain treck aound the hills near our house as we searched in vain for some "treasure" aka a non existent geo-cache. Note to self... bring a sack lunch...just in case!


Friday "field" trip!
We headed up to the cabin in search of fall colored leaves not too far from home up at Mt. Charleston! We hung out, did a math lesson, napped and hikes. On our excursion, we found a monarch caterpillar, met a dead bird and spoke about the circle of life, read about native animals and learned of a U-2 spy plane that crashed on Mt. Charleston in 1955. Homeschool hours for the day...P.E., Science, Math, History, Reading: check!

Fixing a flat!
Because tires pop when your husband rams into a curb....even on Sunday! Justin thought it was better than watching a movie! And that is saying a lot!

Feeling pumpkin goo....
and carving too!
....I LOVE the smell of fresh pumpkin!
I also love kid designed carved pumpkins.

Freaky kids and freaky foliage! 
2 things...
These pics of my kids just make me laugh!
Dallin w/ crazy hair, Anna and her mouth, and Justin dressed up in way too big camo w/ a belt on his head!
o.k.....so it wasn't the world, just our lil' garden!
Patrick planted a random sprouting sweet potato from our kitchen pantry just for the heck of it at the end of summer and look what is grew into!!! A wild forest! Can you find Justin???

 Fruits of Labor.
Lots of labor....just a bit of fruits. :)
Our first garden was "a LEARNING experience." We got about 7 tomatoes, a hand full of microscopic grapes, a pile of peppers/jalapenos, onions and a bunch of mint.......AND  a pile of sweet potatoes we grew accidentally! I was amazed when I pulled up the crazy vines to find almost 8lbs of sweet potatoes! ;) Next year, we're growing sweet potatoes on purpose! There's also a picture of my fun gardening neighbor Laura.

F-i-n-g-e-r Stretching....
Justin Can read!!!!
and Dallin is aspiring. ;)
I taught him to use his fingers to tell the difference between b and d.
(b is before d in the word bed!)
The amazing K-12 curriculum did the rest!
We're having a good time...and Anna and Dallin have created a tag team in order to more rapidly dismantle the house!
We're all about unity here!

 Fun at Springs Preserve! 
...and free style stroller riding.

We finally went and checked it out. We only went 2 hours before dark so we missed the park I've always heard about. Next time. ;) Lots of great education mixed in with a bit of global warming nonsense accompanied with fun little things for the kids to do.

Falling down!?!?
More than leaves fall down around these parts!

Fancy skating... 
and more falling down! 
Justin's first ice skating abilities amazed me!
Anna could barely stand up!
When I got my skates on, Dallin did quite well riding in the stroller. Fun times. :)

Every time General Conference rolls around, I am always excited to hear what the Prophet and leaders have to say....Now that there are 3 kids around, getting everyone to stay put and excited it more of a challenge. Whoever thought of the brilliant idea to watch it from a tent as did the people in King Benjamin's time was brilliant! We love the tent tradition! I'm not so sure  Anna loved tent ENTRAPMENT however. I had to disguise my laughter while escorting Justin to thinking time. It was just hilarious to see her flailing around in that window flap! Sooo sad! And funny too. :)

(well, sort-of....in a round about sort of way)
...and loosing over 30 lbs. of fat; and feeling fantastic! 
It's a bit embarrassing to put not so flattering fat pics on here, but whatever, I'm too excited not to share with all of you dear people and blog stalkers!

Fantasy becomes a reality!
Justin is five pulling his own weight!. Kind of. I remember fantasizing about the day when I had older kids that could REALLY do chores! Well, the time has come and I am THRILLED. Thrilled to hear the clanking of dishes ever morning as I awake in the morning! Thrilled to not have to empty the dishwasher...

Funny thing is, he is thrilled too. He loves his job! And if for some reason he's not up to it there's always the line: No problem, I feed you breakfast when your job is done. :)

J/K ;) I have no clue what boxing day is. I just was it listed on my calendar.


Amy Joy said...

WOW! I know that took a long time and I loved it. I miss those mountains. You got some great pictures of your kids. The pot lid pic. is great! Happy New Year! You look great. Way to go!

The Morris Family said...

Wow... I can tell that took A LOT of work but I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading the update. You are very talented when it comes to Collages and things to do with the art of pictures. Great Job!!!!

Jill said...

Fun! Good for you catching up :) And the weight loss! I've got a bit to loose myself. I'd love any tips you've got.

Jason and Claire said...

I loved reading that. It's so neat to find old friends' blogs and see they're happy and well. You look great. Do you really homeschool or was that a joke? We do and love hearing about any groups. We are always up for tips and your kids look like they're doing amazingly well. Happy new year!

Becky said...

It was fun to read about your adventures! We sure miss you guys as our neighbors and friends! Happy new year.

Amanda Warren said...

Beatiful pictures, Julie!

Chels said...

WOW JULIE! THIS IS EPIC! I cant believe how much has been going on! I love all of these things! I want to come visit and talk to you about the homeschool program~~ it seems great! I love it! YOU LOOK AMAZING... I almost told you today, but missed my chance, thoes kids of mine always steal all my attention! Then seeing your before and afters, you are really so much thinner! Great going! I have to say, I see all the healthy things you are eating, any other secrets? I am all about being healthy. I cant tell you when I last had more than a sip of Coke! Love the plants, your backyard looks great! You are such an active family, I need to take notes! You do so much fun stuff. Love the ice skating! The tent idea was awesome too, I know it would drive me crazy, but Im sure it was great! What a wonderful fall you have had! Cant wait to keep up with 2010!

Stacie said...

Phew! You should be exhausted after that update and majorly proud!!

Great updates!

Mary said...

I love the Tent idea. We must try it!

Terresa said...

What a fun family you have! This is one of my favorite photographic/epic posts ever!

Hmmm, what I liked best...the saggy dipe? The mountain top hike (somewhere in Henderson, am I right?), the pumpkin, the backyard being finished (ours took 5 yrs!). Or the repurposed couch pillows?

Loved it all! Great post!!

Amy said...

Awesme post! Way to go on the 30lbs!!! I hope to follow in your footsteps.

Michelle said...

What a great post! Hopefully you can print out all those picture collages and save them somehow.

You look great!

Thanks or the Fresh and Easy flower idea. Sounds like fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! What an amazing post!!! You look great Julie!!! I feel like I read 10 posts instead of one. Your home, kids, and all those pictures look great!!! Love, MOM

Heather said...

I loved this post! Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun! You look great! And im excited to have Justin in my class again this year!!

Audrey Taylor said...

You are amazing. Your husband and kids are so luckily blessed to have you.