what a difference 10 minutes can make!

I conquered a disaster of enormous proportions in 10 minutes FLAT!

I'm AMAZING, I know.

A true professional of sorts.

It's truly an amazing talent.

A talent I've developed over the years.

A talent I've practiced more and more and more as additional little feet are welcomed to wander this blessed hardwood floor.

And today, I did it singlehandedly,
armed with my trusty industrial strength dust mop.

I call it:
The MEGA sweep.
(for obvious reasons)

And I did it all, just in time for daddy to walk through the door into a "clean" house!

Well, that is until he walked into the laundry room.

"Julie, what happened to the laundry room floor?!?!?"

(I suppose I should have shut the door.)

Oh, that? It's nothing really.

I'll explain away the laundry room floor ANY day.

So long as I don't have to explain the OTHER question:

"So.....what DID you do today????

(I'm sure none of you have EVER been asked that!)


Melissa said...

My husband learned not to ask that question a long, long time ago :)

Jill said...

I mega sweep too! It gives, "see-that's-reallynot-so-bad clarity.

Ryan, Melissa and Addy said...

Totally unrelated to this post, but I love your new blog header! What beautiful pictures of your family! You all look great!

Tara said...

LOVE it. I'm going to have to try that trick at my house MOST days if I want a clean house when Bob gets home.

As for the"what did you do today?" Don't you hate that? I try to tell myself that he's just making conversation, but it just so happens that every time it's asked {which really isn't that often} the house is a
dis-as-ter and no dinner is made--go figure.

{let me clarify- the house is often a disaster, but he doesn't ask me the dreaded question very often}.

Amanda Warren said...

Now, that is my kind of cleaning!

P.S. I love the new family pictures on your banner.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I love to beat them to the punch and ask... Can you see what I did today!! I love my sweet Julie! Love, MOM

Stacie said...

It's so nice when ten minutes helps the husband SEE how hard the mama has worked that day!

LOVE the new family pics!

Amy Joy said...

Funny! I had to blow up the pic to see if it's stuff I would have in my pile. My trick is to put it all in a basket.

Anonymous said...

You and your family look so beautiful in the opening group of pictures!!! Thank you for blogging so I can always see a picture of you no matter where I am. I love my Sweet Julie!! Love, MOM

Mary said...

Where did you get your broom? I need one of those.

i said...

I LOVE my large dustmop! Here's where I got it:

Brady Industries Inc

7055 Lindell Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89118-4703
(702) 876-3990

They gave me the price they sell things to the school district for because I have a debit card from the schools credit union. Cool, huh?

Chels said...

LOL! love this!