"pest" control

this year for halloween, patrick and i threw all common sense aside (as do many, many other parents) and gave our "pests" as many sedation packets as they desired.

for one day, our chosen form of "pest control" came in a little package and contained a something nearly intoxicating.

AND....the "pests" love it!

as demonstrated below, the packages can keep "pests" in control for a substantial amount of time.:

the directions for use are as follows.

  1. give "pests" the package
  2. let them open themselves and devour the contents
  3. repeat
and it works! "pests" are contained as long as you continue giving them the packages.

and all day our "pests" were happy.

only problem is that the next day, the packages seem to loose their effectiveness.

and the pests become even a bigger problem than before, acting irrationally and out of control.

around here, the only way to stop that from happening:

(of the sedation packets, NOT the pests)

and the toys can then help control the "pests"....but not for long. :)

then we must resort to more effective, longer lasting strategies. darn it.

there's always next year. :)

*the term "pests" for all intents and purposes is refereed to in a fond manner....we love our "pests"!
{that's why we are PEST CONTROL...not pest exterminators.}


Mansius Family said...

Very cute!! I love the family theme!

Theresa said...

agreed. very cute! love the costumes and theme. :)

thecustercrew said...

Too cute!! What a great idea. You all look so cute.

Terresa said...

Great idea!!!

PS: F&E is one of our fave grocery stops, too. And pumpkin pie for 60 cents? That rocks!!

andrea said...

I love that the great pumpkin took their candy away. The only problem is that there would be too much "good stuff" left over that I wouldn't have the self control to throw it away. I would eat it.

i said...

andrea...only by a miracle, we still haven't touched it! i was supposed to donate it but it never happened. want some??? :)

Michelle said...

What a cute idea for costumes! I like your new family pictures too. We let our kids go for it on Halloween with the candy too.

Angie Larkin said...

So cute Jules! Such time in making the tags!

Anonymous said...

Can you come spray my house???

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

Cute Halloween costume idea! Very clever to get rid of the candy. It does seem to alter thier personalities!

Mary said...

Look at Anna in that picture with her candy! You should not take candy from a baby. Karma....

Anonymous said...

mm... love this style :))

pest control services chantilly said...

Then children s look very cute..Good stuff..