Nice try!

Last week I realized again what I already know.

I love Love and Logic....

and I really loved the day I learned a technique called, "ENERGY DRAIN."

Creating logical consequences isn't always easy...or convenient, but Energy Drain is.

and as masochistic as it sounds, I like it when Justin (and now Anna at times) drains my energy.
and that is because I love that I don't have to do jobs since HE is doing them for me to earn my energy back!!!

Lets take vacuuming out the door jam for example.
I rarely ever get it done...
that is until last week.

Thanks Justin!!!

Basically, your kids can drain your energy when they do anything that bothers you.

Things that drain my energy...to list a few.
talking back,
leaving messes,
the teasing of siblings,
looking at me wrong (on a bad day at least.) :)
anything can drain energy.

Here's a video that explains it quite well.
In a goofy, fun sort of way.

Now, here's my newest most favorite-st energy drain story of all:

Ohhhh Justin, It really drains Antie Angela's energy when you tease grandma's doggies. This is sooo sad.

(in his mean voice)
That doesn't drain energy!!!
Well, someday that program you use is going to be OVER!!!

What program???

That program you always watch and listen to that tells you what to say!


Yea, soon it will be over and the people that teach you are all going to die.

Ahhhh....you mean Love and Logic.
No problem, if they happen to die we're lucky to have it all recorded, on the internet and written down in books, but good luck with that.

Now, how would you like to help Angela get back her energy??

(insert a well executed tantrum by Justin)

Ohhhh...this is soooo sad. It drains my energy when you throw tantrums.

Eventually he gave up....and the large sink of dishes was washed and the floor was swept too.

Sounds like fun, huh!?!

I know (hope) I'm not the only one who feels life being zapped out of me at times.
Go ahead. Give energy drain a try.
I think you might like it too. :)

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Amanda Warren said...

Love reading your blog entries! Keep them comin'!

Pink Little Ladies said...

Love the energy drain...have you attended any love and logic classes recently? If you here of any could you send the info my way?

Katrina said...

i am totally going to try this!

Leslie said...

Hahahaha! Julie, that is so stinking hilarious! I give Justin an A+ for his quick thinking! LOL!

Melissa said...

Hmmm... this sounds like an interesting concept! I think I'm going to have to delve a little deeper! Thanks for the info :)

Stacie said...

I LOVE being a Love and Logic parent! And the energy drain is so priceless, especially the way you do it!

Way to go, Mama!!

Amy Joy said...

I know what I want for Christmas. I used Love and Logic in my classroom. I loved it! That was pretty cute of Justin. Sounds like somethig my son would say. My son drains my energy by saying the meanest thing he can come up with. Like... Mom, your hair is not pretty today.

Becky said...

Thanks for the great strategy! I wish I had known it a long time ago. I think Joshua would look at me like I'm from outerspace if I told him that. Is it too late?

Michelle said...

I am going to have to try it... I'm not sure if my methods are as effective as they used to be!
Justin is one seriously funny kid. :)

Terresa said...

I love Love and Logic, too! I've been meaning to re-read it.

PS: No worries on the clean floors. When a friend of mine told me she vacuums everyday I about died. Around my house it's more like once a month.

Angie Larkin said...

I love this post! Justin is hilarious! I can so picture that whole scenario. I love energy drain. My problem is sometimes it takes a lot of energy to get them to pay back my energy!:) So sometimes going to bed early pays back my energy.

i said...

kids in be early gets back my energy too sometimes, although having a pile of rubbish picked up and put away by someone else is wonderful...when they are compliant. ;)

p.s. i haven't attended a class in a while karen. a good teacher named Jeanie Brewer taught me. her no: 799-3750 i've also seen classes through the rec center or UNLV's educational outreach.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of my Sweet Julie!! I just wish I had been as smart as you when I had my kids! I did way too much of the work myself!! Love, MOM

Angela said...

I love Love and Logic conversations. And I think you're one of the best at them! =)

By the way, my energy is being drained right now. I think I might need someone to help me get my energy back!