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Justin has been observant....he saw me on the computer looking at grocery adds and said,

"Mommy, you must really like ads...A LOT!" I asked why and he said,"because you look at them a lot."

Also on two recent occasions he found ads laying on the street and said, "here mom, these are for you because I love you."

My conclusion...my 5 year old thinks I am obsessed with price matching! (and he's right)

Some may know what it is, some may not, but I'm always trying to explain the rules and thought I would write them out and send folks here to learn more....

This may be the point where you skip the rest of this post...go on, I know this is not for everyone, but if you are really keen on saving money on groceries and like getting good deals and are willing to put in a bit of effort, this is for you! Over 5 years ago I started this and have done it off and on ever since... because, well, I really like a good deal, maybe too much, but anyways, here's the low-down!

my shopping day, circa Jan 09'

Wal-Mart Price Matching:

In the Las Vegas area (and I think other places too, Wal-Mart will match the prices of other Competitors in the area. I only do groceries and the like but I hear they match other stuff too....

Basically you bring in the weekly ads from other Grocery stores, show the competitor's price, and tell them how much you are going to pay.

For example: Sunflower Market was Selling Hot House Cucumbers for .77 cents one week. I tell the checker the price and she does a price override and I get the 1.97 cucumber for 1.20 less. There was a sale one week at Smith's on cereal like Raisin Bran: buy 4 for $4. That's what I paid at Wal-Mart.

I also got tons of other good deals but only had to go to one store...instead of intending on hopping store to store. A HUGE drain of energy...not worth the money saved.

There are some basic things to remember....

You can only match things that are the same size and same Brand name.

If it is a store brand, like Kroger or Mountain Dairy, you buy Wal-Mart's store brand which is Great Value.

I always bring in my adds. Some checkers will let you have the price without the add if they are being nice. Don't count on it though!

When I lived in the ghetto, I got the adds in the mailbox.
It was a big disappointment when I moved too far away to get the adds.
I was seriously longing for my ads until I realized I could get them from the internet.


Links for you.

How to PRINT the store adds:

  • Use the web browser Firefox.
  • Locate the current week's add.
  • Right click on the add image.
  • Click "Copy" (you may have to right click several times to get it to list "copy.")
  • (some people may click "save as")
  • Copy, then paste it into a word document with really tiny margins.
  • Print it out.
  • (I do color on the fastest setting.)
  • Make a list of the things you want.
  • Go shopping, check out and feel like you are robbing good ol' Wal-Mart dry.

If you are serious about this, a fancy gal in my mom's ward has a wonderful blog, http://selfreliantsisters.blogspot.com/
She typed up a few more rules HERE.
It's also very nice how she types up the good deals from adds nearly each week.

From her blog, I just copied and pasted the ones I felt most pertinent.
I added a few tid bits in Green.

Price Matching Rules

  • Walmart is the only grocery store (currently) that will Price Match.
  • You really should have your ads with you.
  • Walmart will price match grocery ads & Sunday newspaper ads (Best Buy, Walgreens, CVS, Office Max, etc).
  • Item must be identical to the sale item in the ad (meaning same brand, size, type, etc).
  • Walmart WILL price match Store Brands. For example - Walmart will match Kroger/Smiths bread on sale for Walmarts "Great Value" Bread.
  • Walmart will take manufacturers coupons, but not other stores coupons.
  • If a printed ad says (limit 2), then you will only be able to price match 2 of that item. Of course you can always buy 2 more the next day...
  • Walmart will not price match "Buy one get one Free" or any other type of BOGO sales.
  • Walmart will not price match items that come with an instant rebate/savings, or other such item.
  • Each Walmart manager sets the limits on which stores they will price match from.
Price Matching Guidelines

Holly is the queen of price matching. Here she shares her tips on price matching.

  • Go when the lines are not busy and without children if possible.(until you are used to it at least.)
  • Shop on the same day and try to go to the same cashier. Get to know your cashiers. Some are anal and make you show EVERY add price. That gets old.
    Lucy at Marks/Sunset is my favorite checker. ;)
  • Price match at the end of the order & let the cashier know you will be price matching. Separate them with a bar or a space on the grocery belt.
  • Tell the person behind you that you will be price matching. This way they won't get irritated if you take a little longer than normal. (It definitely takes longer)
  • Many Walmarts are MUCH friendlier at price matching than other Walmarts. Know your stores. The neighborhood Walmart at Stephanie/American Pacific & Warm Springs/Eastern are great to price match at. I have great success at Marks and Sunset
  • Bring your ads & have them ready!! Circle the items that you are price matching, so you are able to show the checker quickly if needed.
  • Be Organized! On my grocery list I circle the items that I am price matching in green. That way, when the checker asks me what the price of milk is, I can quickly check my list for the correct price. (I find it easiest to memorize prices. )
  • Be courteous!
  • Know what dates the ads start and end.
  • Know your prices. Sometimes the "Everyday Low Price" at Walmart is cheaper than the sale price at other stores. (Usually boxed/dry goods are cheaper at Walmart.)
Nevada's Grocery Ads run:
  • Albertsons, Food 4 Less, Fresh & Easy, Kmart, Smiths & Vons: Wednesday - Tuesday
  • Kings Ranch (And most Latin stores): Tuesday - Monday
  • Sunflower Market: Wednesday - Wednesday (w/ double add day on WED!)

p.s. those of you in different states, have you heard of people price matching where you are at? if so, was the experience similar to this description?
just curious.

Happy Shopping......
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Theresa said...

I love that he connected ads to something you love. haha. :) so thoughtful of him. what a nice boy.

Anonymous said...

Ok so the photos are incredible...would Justin really help you push the cart in front? :) luvs, katrina

i said...

i would mainly pull and he would just hang on. sometimes he would push. :)

Collette said...

Walmarts in UT price match. The rules are pretty much the same.

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

in UT Wal-Mart is the only store that will price match as well. We have a grocery site where a few women compare the adds for you and find the good deals, then they hook them up with the coupons that come in the paper. It's a time saver. They even let you shrin the list to waht you selected and BAM you have your shopping list! It called grocerysmarts.com is you want to check it out. the password is g84rcm

Jill said...


Melissa said...

I've heard of price matching, but haven't ever tried it. I think one of our local grocery stores price-matches, but I'd have to double check on that!

Terresa said...

Love love price matching. I'm going through my ads tonight (and it never fails, the thrill is always there, am I weird or what?)

I keep on trying to get my extended family into the price match game and they won't budge. Oh well (sigh).

PS: You know Katrina Berg I think! She's one of my homebirthing sisters (of heart). Small world!

Terresa said...

PS: You know Jill Menning, too? Are you a home birther? I met Jill via LVmom loop, another hb mama.

Anonymous said...

When I tell other people how wonderful price matching is I always tell them that my daughter with 3 kids is so thrifty and smart that she taught ME how to do price matching!!! Thanks Sweet Julie!! Love, MOM