little dallin

is one!!!!

and has been for several weeks now.

dallin's most memorable features at 1 year old.
*absolutely squezzable and cuddly
*walking [since 11 mo.]
* independently walking off on his own at the park [i now have to keep track of 3 kids going in all different directions.]
*loves dancing
*endures millions of kisses
*opens cupboards [and empties them in a flash with anna at his side]
* loves container play [the toilet being his favorite container...unfortunately.]
* trying to put on clothes [he got anna's smimsuit strap over his head today.]
* has the most adorable pouty lip you've ever seen.
* understands uh-oh....[and obeys most of the time :)]
* follows simple directions
* plays cars
* recently aquired and had PERFECTED his high pitched screech.
* signs please when he wants something
* loves watching justin run circles around him.
*eats....anything and EveRyThinG [and I can't wait till he stops eating trash]
* makes his mommy's heart MELT!!!!!!!


Amy said...

That is a great picture! I can not believe he is 1!!

Ryan, Melissa and Addy said...

What a cute picture! He has such adorable and happy brown eyes!

Melissa said...

Such a sweetie!! Sounds like he keeps you nice and busy ;)

me. said...

it is a nice picture!
cheryl took it. :)