The fine art of freeloading.

We are wanna-be freeloaders…..kind-of.

So here's the thing. Our family is taking a trip up to most beautiful Bear Lake in Southern Idaho and to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Rexburg. It's far….like 12 hours or something absurd. Just since we'll be up there anyways, I thought it would be nice to spend a few days in Northern Utah. Were planning on staying in whatever motel we happen to be passing by at the time, but I like this plan of mine better! I'm not exactly keen on paying $70 or so dollars on amenities that I'll only experience with my eyes shut.

Oh my…this getting to be WAY to long and full of T.M.I!

In a nutshell:

We want to stay with friends while passing though Utah.

The Itinerary:

  • Saturday July 11th
    Stay the night in the Utah Valley area ish.
  • Sunday July 12th:
    Stay the night in the Utah Valley area.
  • Monday – Friday: Spend the week in Idaho.
  • Saturday July 18th
    Spend the night after stocking up at Ikea.
  • Sunday: go to church and maybe Temple Square on Sunday then drive home.

Are you up for us?

We'd bring our own cereal and everything!

Then, when you are passing through, you get to stay here and ask any other time too. J Deal???

Some may see this as begging…..it might be.

Or some as cheap…..yeah, probably so.

But me,

I see it as getting to spend actual time (as opposed to blog/virtual time) with distant friends (which is always fun) AND getting a good deal (which I love.)

Also….. I'd rather have someone volunteer to take us in than me push someone into a corner by asking if my family and I could and use their hot water and sleep on their living room floor.

Believe me, I'm not picky about where I sleep….as long as it's not at a 45 degree angle in the car!

I think that's it.

Too book our reservation, call me (702) 354-0761 or e-mail at morjulie@gmail.com

And if not…there's always Motel 8,6 or 13.

And ….If you ever want to stay with us or stay in our house while we are gone next week, you are TOTALLY welcome to…you could water my garden! :p

While I'm on this note, I would like to make another proposal.

Ever hear of House Swapping????

I have always LOVED the idea of house swapping….just not ready to do it with complete strangers…yet.

If you ever want to stay here without dealing with us, I'd love to do a swap ….I'd even mop the floor for you! Just let me know when!


Amber said...

July 20th we'll be out of town (on our way to Michigan) but you're welcome to my house. :) We're North of SLC in Syracuse if that works for you. I'll even put clean sheets on my bed. ;)

Mansius Family said...

Well if I lived in Utah you would be more then welcome to stay at my house but unfortunately we are in the opposite direction then the one you are headed in. But if you ever happen to be in California then feel free to stop by for a visit and free stay at the Mansius Resort!

Mansius Family said...

Plus we have already stayed at your house so we own you one. lol

Mary said...

Don't stay at the E-Z 8. That's how my parents got six kids!

Jill said...

I love you, Julie.

Stacie said...

You crack me up. Say hi to Grandma and Grandpa for us!

kristi said...

you are hilarious. If you are ever coming to Colorado, please come stay with us.

Angie Larkin said...

Good luck! Sounds like some serious summer fun.

Amy Joy said...

If you ever want to come to eastern PA or abouts come stay with me! That does not help you right now, but you never know:) We love to have company. Only Gma and Gpa come this far though:)

Mel said...

A very creative, funny approach to vacation accomodations. Love it! Love YOU!

Anonymous said...

Glad you found a place to stay. I'm proud of my frugal daughter!! Love, MOM

Angela said...

I just went to that home exchange site and I've never heard of it. It's such an interesting concept! I don't know if I'd be brave enough to ever do it with someone I don't know though. Hope you're having fun! =)

Nikki said...

Hi, on your blog it says to introduce myself, so I am. I have been reading your blog for the last couple hours while I've been up with my baby who doesn't sleep at night. I love it! You are such a good writer. Then I started looking at the pictures of your house thinking it really looks a lot like the one my dad and step-mom used to live in. Then I discovered by reading further that you live in Vegas, Henderson no less! That's where they lived and I spent every summer until sixth grade down there with them. What a small world! They lived in a community called "The Bluffs." And since I was younger I couldn't really tell you any major streets or anything, just theirs, Monarch Pass. I still have the phone number memorized and everything - 702.451.7633. Anyway, I mostly just wanted to say that you are such a great writer/blogger, and that I TOTALLY get the laundry thing!

Anonymous said...

SURPRISE!!! A new intro picture!! Your family looks so cute!!! I love your blog!!! It was fun working and visiting with you today!! Love, MOM

Chels said...

I posted the time!

Andrea said...


Soo funny. I don't think it's begging or being cheap. It's called being wise and avoiding unnecessary expenses. I would love to come visit you. Ryan and I are due for a trip to Vegas. We could house swap too if we actually had a house yet. Don't fret. Soon we'll have a house in Northern California somewhere and it will be a worthy swap!! I hope you had a good time!

Anonymous said...
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