did you get the memo?

TO: All Private Bloggers...especially you who read my blog....(but I can't read yours.)
FROM: Julie the uninvited.
DATE: July 27, 2009
SUBJECT: Let me in. Pretty please?!?

It's happening every day. It's inevitable (Gee thanks Oprah.) Almost everyday another blogger friend of mine goes Private. Oh, I totally understand why some go private. I've consitered it. So, go ahead....but I still want to enjoy reading your lovely blog.Remember?? So, if you have gone private, I don't know the magic word, but my e-mail address is:


And me....I personally will never go private...there are just too many wonderful people to connect with out there. The pros of being public outweigh the cons of a privatized blog. I may, however just change my blog address and exclude my last name from anywhere on the blog....if I wanted more security. My "internet friend" does just this. I have no clue what here name is....or what her real kid's names are. I only know her general location....and that I love reading her blog and have been uplifted many times reading it (which I would have never enjoyed if she had been privatized.) Stephanie over at A Daily Scoop puts what I feel into words so much better.

I consider blogs like virtual HFPE (ENRICHMENT.) I love being inspired by all of the wonderful women in blogland. I love stumbling across wonderful blogs. It is definitely simplest to go private so I understand. It's just not for me. :)

Can I make one suggestion? If I were to go private I would make sure to display my e-mail address on my profile so those that are so excited to find you through comments in blogland can contact you......LIKE ME! :)

I think that's it. :)


Theresa said...

hahaha,.. ditto your sentiments. :)

Stacie said...

I share your feelings greatly! I love having a public blog!

Becky said...

Julie, your blog is always so fun to read and I feel the same way. I miss ya! Love Becky

Anonymous said...

Julie, I was almost going to go private, but I never check any private blogs. I'm glad you won't be going private any time soon.

Amy Joy said...

I agree! Mine was Private when I first started my blog then I found so many fun people and I made it public. I didn't know any better at first. I also haven't had and "Problems" I would be so sad if I did. So, if you ever HAVE to go private make sure we ALL know:) I have dreams of moving back to Vegas and having a bolg party

Chels said...

when I finally get to actully going private, I will add you. and GREAT idea--- I am so going to put my email on my profile!

Sarah said...

I totally agree with you. There's nothing worse than finding a private blog has been stalking you that you can't read. I keep our last name off our blog or I try to.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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