a friendly letter

Dear Summer,

We just wanted to let you know that we are excited for you to be here! We especially thank you for the sun you've sent to grow our watermelons BIG and JUICY! Oh how we love you for that! 5 melons down....many to go!!!
Thanks for all the fun times in advance!
We are especially thankful you've come in such a polite and gentle manner. The low 90's have been a welcome treat! What enjoyment outside we've already enjoyed thanks to you. We know your temper my get a bit "hot" at times in the future, but we forgive you. You offer so many wonderful perks and fun times that we won't even mention it. Welcome!

Your Friends,
The Morris'

p.s. is there anything at all you could do about the roach population you bring with you year after year? they are really nasty and are unwelcome guests! thanks for your consideration.
p.s.s. i hope we're not asking too much, but could you send the mom here more energy to clean up the additional sticky messes you bring too??

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Melissa said...

Watermelon!! OH YUM!!! We too have been enjoying the high 80, low 90 weather. Unfortunately we're supposed to hit the 100's by the end of the week. SIGH. I guess I'll just be thankful for what we did have... right??

Katrina said...

Is he slurping the juice out of the watermelon with a straw? That is exactly what my kids do! I love summer and I am so glad it is here!

Ryan, Melissa and Addy said...

Oh how I love watermelon! In fact, I was just talking with my husband yesterday about how we should have some this week! It is the most delicious fruit! Looks like a fun time at your house!

Michelle said...

I agree that this weather has been sooo nice! Nice watermelons... that means that there's hope for the seeds my kids planted.

If you decide to home school your son you may want to check out www.k12.com it's called Nevada Virtual Academy locally. It's for parent's who home school. Looks like a good program and if all goes well, I may be a teacher there.

Mel said...

Super cute Jules! WE HAVE HAD THE BEST SPRING WEATHER I can remember since living here. I absolutely love it!

And what's this about homeschooling Justin?? Waiting patiently for the blog post on that...

Tara said...

I need some watermelon after seeing those pictures. Really, I'm craving it now. Fun times!

Becky said...

That's so cute! We LOVE watermelon and summer too.

Michelle said...

Very cute... if I were to write a letter to summer, it would be something like this:
Dear Summer,
I BEG of you to stop torturing me!
I'll trade you an entire garage full of fireworks for another month of early June weather!
Thank you for your consideration,
Desperately HOT pregnant mom