write when life was feeling sort of dull....

a box came in the mail.
it was addressed to patrick.
like always, i put it aside.

it's always fun to see what comes in the mail, isn't it!?!
i just LOVE a surprise!
surprises just have a way of spicing things up.
so we waited.

when he arrived from work, we all gathered around the box with anticipation.

"you'll never guess what it is," patrick shared.
"who's it for?" i asked.
"it's for everyone!" he said.

as he cut open the box he added, "you might think this is strange."

"what could it be now," i wondered!?!
and then, the box opened......

"i bought 1000 pens on e-bay!" patrick exclaimed.
"they were only 5cents each!"

i just couldn't help thinking of this wierd al song.

what made him click on that {buy it now!} button, i know not.


amazing, huh?!

then...i shared my "excitement,"

"you bought WHAT!?!? what in world?!what on earth are you EVER going to do with all those pens???you are WAY crazier than i ever thought. you spent $50 on pens!?!?"

he defended "we'll never have to buy another pen again!"

and we have now paid to advertise (via pen) for about 50 different companies in IOWA!

i will be giving a standard door prize to anyone who enters my house. just ask.
ohhhh my.

life sure is full of STrAngE surprises....

especially being married to this cute guy with the mischievous grin!

at least he didn't buy the lot of 4000!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I can't help but laugh! I loved reading your reaction...not sure if I would have been as kind! My dad used to come home with all kinds of deals...we spent summers selling toothbrushes on the corner...50 cents each, and would personalize them with paint pens (we kinda had to since they were all blue with silver sparkles)! I think he bought 1400 of them...they finally ran out a couple years ago (20 years at least)! laya, trina

Karen said...

If they're not all dried out before you get to use them! LOL

Karen said...

BTW, I'm still working on uploading all the pictures on photobucket.

Sam said...

Love the ebay video. My MIL always buys stuff like that she finds at yard sales. Too good to pass up!

Ryan, Melissa and Addy said...

This is really funny to me! Seriously, really funny! I love that your husband bought that many pens. It's true, you probably never will need to buy another one again. My sister just wrote a post about her husband (accidentally) buying 6 Snuggies online and this post reminded me of that. Crazy husbands buying pens and Snuggies in bulk!

Michelle said...

That is HILLARIOUS!!! I am laughing OUT LOUD right now. I don't even know what else to say!

Audrey Taylor said...

Heh Heh, you know you can't hang on to those writing utensils forever, the ink will dry up!

i said...

i tried to tell patrick that they will dry up....we'll see how long our "investment" lasts. :)

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

Well, Julie if your family is like mine, you will have to replace that purchase in about 6 mo! We can never find a writing utensil anywhere! Too funny!

Stacie said...


Patrick, may we all take a leap on your wild side! You've made me laugh!

Katrina said...

Husbands do some funny things sometimes. Gotta love em :)

Michelle said...

Boy am I slow... I just NOW got the pun...I kept wondering why you spelled the word "write" when grammatically it was supposed to be "right!"

Stephanie said...

Can I borrow a pen?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know Patrick took after my side of the family!!?? I didn't know he needed pens. I probably have several hundred around our house that belonged to my Sweet MOM, but I'm not sure if they still work either ... Yes, Patrick is cute, isn't he, and so are you!!! That's why your kids are so cute!! Love, MOM

Michelle said...

Just wanted to let you know that you've been tagged...check out my blog for details! :)

Mary said...

What a deal! WRITE!

Where on earth will you keep 1000 pens???