naval gazing is exciting around here.

so far, all of my children have "outie" belly buttons.

i was wondering why that might be...so i discovered this:

"One theory holds that the innie belly button is the norm, while an outie is the result of a genetic aberration. "

....and other useless information.

i don't know why it is so, but i seem to remember some social phopas related to having an outie as opposed to an innie, but i could care less about that.

just so you know, 1/10 of the population have outies.

but as far as my posterity goes.....3/3!

sorry about the genetic aberration kids.

not that as parents patrick and i will be able to relate.

patrick is one of the 9/10 that has an innie too.

i've got an innie and i've received no special perks in life...so far.

it will all be o.k.

it's just a belly button after all!

because of this commonality, they can relate and form some kind of sibling bond or something.

just think about it...NO BELLY BUTTON LINT....for life!!!

it's a blessing i tell you!

there's just one little problem.

dallin's outie is far more advanced and dynamic than his older siblings' which i fear may cause jealosy, sibling rivalry and a rift in their bond.

instead of a regular old outie,

he was born with a go go gadget belly button!

a rare talent indeed.

his talent is not quite as cool [or useful] as my childhood hero INSPECTOR GADGET'S talents, but close.

on a regular day, it is your average outie,

but when dallin gets really upset it pops out with gusto!

[kindof like a the popout timer on my thanksgiving turkey or an itty bitty ailien trying to escape it's confines.]

[to demonstrate i just squeezed him like a little dough boy...
.you didn't want me to make him angry and cry, now did you!?!"

even when he is at a state of rest, it may decide to just sag a bit.

this thing has a mind of it's own i tell you.

his doctor said it might decide to stay in better as he gets older.

or it might not but they can do corrective surgery when his 2 years old.

cosmetic surgery is way freakier that go go gadgetbellybutton anyday.

since surgery isn't an option in my book, for the last 7 months i thought of other options to stop this button from popping.

somone even told me once that in some cultures they tape a coin over the naval to keep it in.

uh........no on that one too.

then, last week i was at wal-mart and i saw this stuff on the shelf...then it made it's way into my cart. i got home and told patrick about my plan to tame dallin's little alien with some skin glue.

patrick told me that i was very wierd, but i already knew that.

he also told me that he thought my idea was weird....which instilled doubt in my system.

so on my counter the good ol' new skin sits, but i am still undecided.

tell me what you think. i need your imput now more than ever. :)

do you have any pros? cons? practical experience with belly buttons?


to glue or not to glue....that is the question.

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Stacie said...

Um...good luck?

Honestly, I've never seen an outie with such personality!


Jill said...

I think that is a great idea! It's totally got to work. I can't imagine that it would do any damage, right. Why not?

Chucky has a plain old regular outie.

Michelle said...

That last picture is the best! I like your comments about Patrick's comments. :)
Um, I say why not. I mean, it doesn't last forever anyway, right? I doubt it could hurt... but I have to admit that I have virtually no experience in this area. Good luck! I'm curious what you decide and how it turns out.

Anonymous said...

Julie, you are so funny. How do some people get outies and others innies. Everyone in my family is an innie, including Darris. Are all of you outies???

Darrell and Alissa said...

I haven't ever seen an outie like that!! I was told the innie and outie thing depends on how the doctor cuts the cord- don't know if it's true though. We are all innie's- Ashlee had a cyst in hers so she did have a little outie until we had the cyst removed when she was three. It was painful for her, there was a hernia under the cyst we didn't know about, and the doctor told us it was not painful. After the surgery he apologized and told us it was probably causing her a lot of pain and it's a good thing we took the cyst out so they could fix the hernia. Fun stuff we see when we are parents!!

andrea said...

You're crazy, but so is that belly button. It's impressive, I've never seen one like it. We are both innies and Z has an innie, but if you feel it, it feels a bit like and outie. I don't know if that makes sense or not.

Jessica said...


You so make me laugh!!! Both my kiddos have outies too... Strange huh? Emma's out is very simmilar to your little duds, and my grandpa has an outie just like it. I love Go Gadget belly button!

Just a word of caution on the new skin: my dad uses it, and it stinks something terrible if there's any kind of cut... So, if you do put it on, be very careful!

Leslie said...

The go go gadget belly button sounds like a little hernia. I would not glue, but I would do the surgery if the go go gadget button's still around in a few years. My grandson was ~5 when his was repaired. It got significantly smaller over time, but never all the way. His started out much bigger than Dallin's.

Telavian said...

I hope things work out.
A belly button is a terrible thing to waste!

Angie Larkin said...

What in the world? That is so funny. Are you going to glue the thing in? I wonder if I can glue my ta-ta's back up where they should be? I loved the pictures. Oh, and this is not to one up your woes in anyway...but Jemma has an octopus tentacle coming out of her belly button that has no sign of falling off. Interesting....

Anonymous said...

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Larae Taylor Merritt said...

That is Quite the outie! I'm not sure about the skin glue, but it is always worth a shot!

Anonymous said...

This is a good question. Go on-line and find out more about the nu-skin before you try it. I've used it before, but only for small cuts in places hard to heal. In the olden days they wrapped a "belly-band" around the babies tummy as a newborn if there was an outie. Love, MOM

Elizabeth said...

Wow that is interesting. I would be afraid of gluing though.But I really don't know much about this type of thing. Hey, I didn't read your note till later about playgroup. Forward your play group announcements to me and I will go. That sounds like fun and then I can visit with you and some of the others too.

Mary said...

Charlotte's belly button is awful. They had to cauterize it when she was a month old. It has weird bumps in it and it's still black from the cauterization.

Belly buttons freak me out. I think I have a belly button phobia or something.

Sorry I'm no help.

craftyashley said...

Best pictures ever! My kids both have normal belly buttons! How boring!

Kristin Chesnik said...

Hello, my long lost friend!
What a cutie! Love him in or out!