i have another confession.

yesterday, was st patricks day.

but my kids had NO CLUE that there was even a holiday going on in their midst!

no green.

no pinching.

no clovers

no clue.

which reminds me....

i have NO CLUE why we celebrate that holiday anyway.

i'm not irish.

i think i'm not at least.

and, this isn't Ireland. right?

so, i've observed this "holiday" for like 3o years now and i still have idea about it all.

well, scratch that. i've observed st. patrick's day 29 years.

every year cept this one.


bad mommy.

i deserve to be spanked with a 4 leaf clover or something!

i guess i could make ammends and tell them tomorrow is st. patrick's day!?

or not.


Anonymous said...

NOT... It's no big deal to me either. It's just a monthly theme for teachers to use for bullitin boards or people that drink a reason to drink green beer and lots of it. You don't need to be spanked. Love, MOM

Michelle said...

I think it is kind of a funny holiday, too. It's fun to celebrate if you feel like it. If not, no biggie! I agree with your mom - no spanking is in order... at least this time!

Deanne Hill said...

St. Patrick used the 3 leaf clover to teach about the trinity. Since, I'm pretty sure you don't subscribe to the trinity business, I think it's safe to skip this holiday! :)

Amy said...

You sure do know how to offend an Irish Girl! Actually, I think the only Americans who do celebrate St. Patricks day are those of us with and O' at the beginning of our name (or maiden name). I'll forgive you this time, but next year I better see those kids in green with a big ol' mug of green beer..okay, just in green.

Melissa said...

Yeah... we didn't do much either. And, sadly, I don't own a green shirt. So I had to wear one of Baby Girl's hair ties so that I had SOME kind of green on my. I was afraid my 10 year old would take the whole pinching thing to an extreme...

Angie Larkin said...

Yeah...what the heck? I totally forgot too. My mom used to make the corned beef and green milk and Near Beer for my dad etc...but I totally spaced it.

andrea said...

It's refreshing to have someone not celebrate it. All it will be for my kids is a day to wear, and maybe eat, something green. I'm not a fan of telling kids that the leprechauns are going to come and play jokes on you. I think that's too much work.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bad mom. I didn't make the holiday fun like other moms. My mom use to make corn beef and cabbage as a kid. But my hubby wasn't home so I didn't get into the holiday. I think you are a wonderful mother and I know you do things on a daily basis that are important. LiKe feeding your child avacados. :)

Audrey Taylor said...

With a four-leafed clover?! Haa Haa Hah. That was funny! I was actually wondering the same thing. What the heck is it and what are we celebrating?
If I were you, I'd make it a special day for Patrick each year. Come on he has red hair, he's got to be Irish. I'd even sew him a green suit to eat dinner in!

Michelle said...

Julie, I am so sorry that we missed Justin's big 5th b-day party!! I got the invitation on Saturday, and then totally spaced it... I hope it was wonderful and that you can forgive me for being so incredibly forgetful! :(