today is the day that i've decided to STOP pulling out my gray hairs.

i'm going to let go of my "inner child's" desire to pull out the silver....

and STOP contributing to woman pattern baldness. (is that even a syndrome?)

i'm no spring chicken anymore i guess. hmph.

soooo. this is my official welcome to going gray. (which i think should actually be called staying gray!)

here's to a million more.
(silver pieces of hair that is)

the jury is still out as to weather i'm going to dye over this. :) any thoughts?

i can tell you one thing though....

i am NEVER going purple!!! ever. ever. ever.

it just cracks me up when i see a classy elderly lady (in the temple :)) with PURPLE hair.

what's up with that??


Theresa said...

ha! you gray? we can just call you the female counterpart to richard gere if you like. graying early perhaps. no worries.

Theresa said...

you still have kids under 20. you're still young. :)

Amy said...

I can't believe you have gray. That makes me want to go check the top of my head with a hand mirror.

Leslie said...

Well, it's totally up to you, but I would totally dye it! I'll help you pick one out and do it, if you want! :-)

Home Sweet Home with the Englehart's... said...

Oh, I started with gray hair after Jared's birth!!! I have been dying my hair for years now...I am about 95% gray....shsh...don't tell anyone!!! Jerry used to be nice and dye it for me, but I got tired of fitting into his schedule, so I do my own! Sally's Beauty Supply is the cheapest vs Walmart or something like that. Cut a piece of hair off now to know what color you used to be!!! Loreal is nice with a GRAY COLOR LOCK in it and developer is all you need! GOOD LUCK! I aint never going gray!

Becky said...

Aren't we too young for gray hairs? I think that everytime I pull mine out. I swear, it's the kids that did it to us! I guess we can be gray together.

Michelle said...

If it makes you feel any better, I got my first gray hair on my mission!! (better than the elders that start going bald at least) It is finally at the point that it kind of bothers me. After I have the baby, I think I'm going to dye my hair. I'll be interested to see what you decide to do!

Anonymous said...

They don't mean to have purple hair ... it's just an oops. I never did any hair color until age 45, but you don't need to wait that long. My mom started coloring her hair black when I was a little girl (approx 35). Do whatever makes you feel happy and attractive ... it's easier to smile. Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

I think you will look beautiful with grey hair. I hope I have poofy white hair that stands up with Aqua Net. :) Just like my mommy and grandma.

Monique said...
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Kim said...

I can't believe you have grey's! But as a woman who has been dying her hair for years, dye it. It makes me feels better! As long as there is Miss Clairol around I'll dye it even if I have to do it myself!

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

Oh,Julie I started getting grey hair when I was 25. The majority of my hair is still dark, but I have a few that peek through. I'm not dying anything till it (the grey) is a majority!

Elizabeth said...

Hey, I love those purple haired ladies! Funny, I don't know why some of them do this, I have always wondered about it. I miss you, I bet Dallin has changed alot since I saw you last at Christmas. I know we see each other in the hall, but sigh... Maybe you might like to be my BUNCO sub in March if I need one. Which we almost do, if your interested. I know you already go to one so maybe too much Bunco might not be a great thing for you. Let me know. :)

Amber said...

They make hair dye for that you know? Embrace the dye- EMBRACE!

Suzi B said...

There is a poem by Jenny Joseph that I think you might enjoy ...

When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple
with a red hat that doesn't go, and doesn't suit me.
And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves
and satin candles, and say we've no money for butter.
I shall sit down on the pavement when I am tired
and gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells
and run my stick along the public railings
and make up for the sobriety of my youth.
I shall go out in my slippers in the rain
and pick the flowers in other people's gardens
and learn to spit.

You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fat
and eat three pounds of sausages at a go
or only bread and pickles for a week
and hoard pens and pencils and beer nuts and things in boxes.

But now we must have clothes that keep us dry
and pay our rent and not swear in the street
and set a good example for the children.
We must have friends to dinner and read the papers.
But maybe I ought to practice a little now?
So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised
When suddenly I am old, and start to wear purple.

Telavian said...
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Anonymous said...

thanks for the poem suzi....it would be nice to know who you were to formally say thank you. :)

i hope noone thinks i'm really worried about the little gray...just need to stop pulling it out! somday i will dye it. not yet. i'm ok for now. :)


i'm on patrick's computer.

Suzi B said...

Sorry, don't have a blog, as my life is far too dull, but do so love reading yours, hence the reason I am sort of anonymous!

I do hope you like the poem tho. It is one of my favourites, and everytime I feel like being a grown up is extremely hard work, I think of what I am going to be like when I am old!

Have a great day!