yes, again.

As you all know, way too well:

Laundry is on my mind.

A lot.

Especially when the Mountains o' Laundry start crumbling. (As they always do.)

Well, once again, it is on my mind.

Sorry about this, but I must share....again.

Let me explain OUR system.
In all of it's PATHETIC glory.

The Morris Family Mountain of Laundry System:

Have a BUNCH of clothes.

Wear 2 or three outfits a day.


Do loads here and there if you run out of something or if a laundry basket floweth over.

Have 7 laundry baskets in a line along a wall.

When clothes in rooms run out, go to baskets and get more.

Dig through baskets, transferring from one to the next until the desired item is un-burried while knocking bits and pieces onto the floor.

Get dressed.

Spray yourself or family member down with a squirt bottle and hope to get at least 50% of the wrinkles out that have been perma-pressed into the clothing from sitting in a basket for 2-4 weeks.

Begin to think, "I MUST need new clothes. I just can't find a thing to wear!"

Buy more clothes.

Get frustrated because there are clothes all over the floor, you can't find a pair of matching socks to save your life and you are tired of looking like a slob.

Finally, convince your family to join you for a "laundry party" and threaten to turn off the movie if they are not working while watching.

Match the mountain of socks while you teach husband where things belong (again.)


Sounds like loas of fun, huh!?

It's not a pretty picture i have painted here people.

But all is not lost!

I have convinced myself that I don't HATE laundry....remember this?

I just can't EVER find the time to sit down for 2, 3 or 4 hours to get it all done.

That's where I am at right now.

I've designated today as the day.

The day o the laundry. ( a.k.a. "The Laundry Party.")

Because yesterday's "laundry party" just didn't happen.

Surprised? Probably NOT!

And because I'm sharing all, my last "Laundry Party" was Jan 1, 2009. 21 days ago.

Well, if it makes you feel any better, it's not 21 days worth of laundry.

Remember? We have been picking through the baskets. :)

So, now what? I asked my Laundry Party AVOIDANT self.

I answered (in my head, thank goodness,)

"I think I know what my problem is!
I know why i have laundry problems. We have tooooo many clothes! I know I am a sucker when it comes to finding a bargain, especially when it comes ot garage sales. And I really justify buying a cute shirt if it is only fitty cent. It's kinda like disposable clothing.

And I think I am actually ready to take care of this."

To be honest, my husband and mom have pointed this out to me before, but, I didn't listen.

Next, I did what almost every 21st century mom with a problem does.

I did a google search. Here.

"How many clothes do kids need?" I inquired.

And my magical machine lead me to the answers. Because some mom, somewhere, must have been FED UP! just like me.

Oh, they had lots of answeres!

The ones i liked the most were here and here.

Then I said to myself, " I might as well write down a plan."

And why not put it on the blog? (sorry, again)

And so, without further adiu, because this blog adiu has taken way to long...i give you....my plan.

It's quite simple actually.

It's called:


Step 1: Decide what clothes we need.

A weeks worth sounds most reasonable.

I think. This is the list I have.....so far.

10-12 outfits
(a lot, yeah, but do you remember the diaper explosion? and justin's delayed bathroom trips?)

10 pairs of matched socks.
(my ultimate plan is to only buy one type of sock per kid)

3 sunday outfits

2 swimming suits.

2 jackets.

1 coat.

1 set gloves & hat.

That's it.

Am I missing anything?

Step 2: Give clothes away, starting with the closets since they hold the clothes that havn't been touched in 3 weeks.

Step 3: Pack away summer clothes.

Step 4: Wash and put a way 1 load per day!

Step 5: Repeat daily. (i think i can...i think i can....i think i can...)

Step 6: Find clothes in closet and drawers (instead of laundry baskets.)



i think i'm ready to conquer the UGLY MOUNTIAN!

wish me luck (i'm going to need it.).

and offer tips (because there is a high chance that you are better at this than i am.)

and encouragement (something like, "julie, it's worth it.....you CAN climb this mountain.)

and envite me on a play date only if i can answer yes to your question, "julie, is your laundry done?"

and pray that this is the last post that i will ever write about laundry lamentations (for your sake and mine.)

and hope to see only this on my blog when it comes to laundry.

the end.


Melissa Everett said...

ok... while I was reading this I was thinking to myself... Did I write this? No I didnt.. you did. But we are way to alike in the laundry department!! I do the same thing... with everything. the baskets., the looking, the frustration!! I think I need to do the same thing. Get rid of a bunch of stuff. I need to make DI very happy with a large donation!! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas and plans!! I sure hope you can stick with it ... life will be a lot simpler. I used to put laundry in first thing in the morning, make sure it was in the dryer before work, and fold it and put it away when I got home.When you kids were older I just sorted it into your baskets and you each folded and put away your own laundry. I remember and still think that laundry is "fun" ...serendipity ... when you've "conquered" it. I don't ever remember a lot of loads except for after a trip or a huge garage sale find. A LOAD A DAY AND YOU'RE ON YOUR WAY to laundry freedom!!!! LOVE, MOM

Jill said...

I think we must be twins separated at birth. I am so glad you are figuring this out for me! I need the stats, the numbers. I will be leaving this window open on my computer so I can come back later when grammar with Katy is done and take notes. You and your new system are going to deliver me from my bondage. I can feel it. Vive la Revolucion!!

Stacie said...

I actually came to this same conclusion about having too many clothes about a year ago and have loved the result! Honestly, how many dresses does Madison need? The truth? Not as many as I had! You'll love the outcome!

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

Good for you Julie! I wish you all the luck in the world. I still have my relapses of the whole laundry thing, but I TRY to do 3 loads a day, folded and put away. When you find your own system it is all worth it! I don't know if I'd be able to downsize the wardrobe. I'm like you, I buy it even if they don't need it. Who can pass up a good deal?

Collette said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond - sometimes my life is just like that! I think you may know my sister, Janelle who lives up there by us, er, you, now that we're gone...

Hope all is well

Michelle said...

We have a clothes explosion all over our bedroom. I haven't had the energy to deal with it, but I finally came to the same conclusion: I must get rid of as many as possible. I have all these things that I never wear (and so does Jason) but I always think I will wear it again one day. Or, I think it would be a perfect prop at a By Divine Design seminar. Or if I'm pregnant again in the winter. I mean, maybe I really should keep the maternity stuff. I dunno. :)

Becky said...

Julie, you are on the right track! I like your plan and I think you will do fine as long as you stick with it. It will get much easier just by getting rid of what you don't need. I enlist the help of my hubby on Monday nights to fold and put away while we watch tv (after FHE of course.)I am convinced that he makes the process much easier.

Angie Larkin said...

I think getting rid of some stuff will make a big difference. When all of your clothes are clean, do they fit comfortably in the drawers and closets? If not...get rid! Don't forget pajamas. Maybe you listed pajamas...I just don't remember. But you are a great mama. Not everything will ever be perfect. I have recently discovered the joy of having sort hampers...only white dirty clothes in this one etc...then there is never any sorting and when the basket is full you must wash it! It usually works out to one load a day. Try it.

Stephanie said...

I like doing one load of laundry a day.

Let me rephrase:

I like the results of doing one load of laundry a day.

I used to deal with the mountain. {still do on occasion} but now I consistently do one load a day and it is so much more manageable. Also, I have a countertop upstairs with a basket for each child. I no longer take care of their clothes. I put the folded clothes in the basket and they have to put them away daily. It's also a good spot to stash things I find during the day belonging to that child. I can pick up and have a clean{er} house without doing all the work for them. They know my standard answer to any question starting with "Mom, can I...?" is "Have you emptied your basket?"

Anna might not be old enough yet, but Justin probably is. I still like the basket for Carson even though he can't fully utilize it yet--he's in training!

I firmly believe LOTS of {pretty} baskets are the secret to a clean house. In fact, maybe all you need are more laundry baskets that coordinate with your decor? Problem solved!

Karen said...

My name is Karen and I have a confession. I am a laundry avoid-a-holic. :) I leave the laundry until we have nothing to wear and then wash all of the clothes and throw it in baskets. Then, we rummage through the basket to find something to wear. Anyway, a tip that Fly Lady gives is to wake up in the morning, and go throw a load of laundry in. Then, of course, you need to dry and fold it but if you did a load a day, it might help... Also, I have baskets that are designed to separate the colors of the laundry so as you are changing clothes, put it in the right basket. Now I just need to train my husband and my kids, oh and retrain myself :) Good luck!

Melissa said...

We don't have laundry detergent right now. It's been the BEST excuse... "Oh, sorry, I would wash that, but we have no detergent. Maybe tomorrow" :)
I was on a schedule of doing one load a day and it was fantastic. Get it going and stick to it!

Mel said...

I'm with Stephanie on the slave labor. Troy puts away his own clean clothes (as part of his daily chores: 2 daily chores earn a quarter to save for new toys Mommy is too cheap to buy for him) and sorts the dirty ones into the appropriate basket (whites, colors etc.)

I bought a cheapo basketball hoop from the dollar store or Wal-mart and stuck it on the wall above the sorting baskets. So to clean up a dirty shirt includes making a basket. He sorts the clothes into piles, white etc. then moves the appropriate basket under the hoop. Makes multiple shots with colors then moves on to whites and the white basket becomes the goal. Get it? That has really helped with the cleanup participation.

andrea said...

I agree, it sounds like you have too many clothes. Our house is little, so we have been sorting out what we do and don't need, often. It's been hard to go to the stores and tell myself that I don't need another Sunday outfit for the baby (She has two in her current size). My goal is also to do a load a day. When I feel up to it I do two, and lucky for me today Brien helped me catch up since I was sick this week (four loads this afternoon and evening). Good luck with your goals, I know you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Do you want me to come on over and get it all done for you...I'll do it in one day. BUT I'll only do it if you have the Hallmark Channel. :) I don't have many talents, but I can clean better than Mommy Dearest.

Amber said...

Hey! We've got the same laundry routine.... Glad I'm not the only one.

Mary said...

So funny! Think of all the money you'll save, even if it's only 50 cents at a time, it adds up. And the time of collecting clothes and having to wash them and go through them every change of season. It going to change your life.

Oh I have a tip. Perhaps everyone does this but it really helps me. I have four drawers on each kids dresser. Top drawer is things I don't want kids getting into- church clothes, snow gloves, tights etc. Second drawer is shirts. Third drawer is pants or bottoms. Bottom drawer is pjs and underwear and socks. Jackets, which the kids have only two each, go on the hook by the door. I fill the drawers loosely. (I hate having to stuff). Swim suits hang in closet. Any fancy girl dresses hang in closet too. Thats what works for us.

Happy Laundering!

Cassidy said...

My method... what happens in the laundry room stays in the laundry room until I decide to deal with it! Ha ha I like your ideas let us know how it goes! :)

Anonymous said...

i soo feel your laundry pains...as i think about the transition from 2 to 3 kiddos, i think that the hardest thing has been the laundry! :) any luck with the food allergies yet? sending you luv and hugs! katrina

cynphil6 said...

Back in the day, when we had a non family size washer and dryer for our family of 6... Phillip would see my distress and occasionally just load EVERY piece of clothing from our laundry room into the car.
He drove to the local laundromat, and did it all at once... What a guy! (:
When the kids were little, for our FHE (I know, lame-0) we would have laundry "races" to see who could fold their clothes the fastest...
Hang(er) in there! (I know, I'm full of bad jokes...)